Some children will need additional support for all of their time at school, whilst others will need it for only short time. Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) means more than just learning difficulties, it is when these impact on a child’s ability to access learning. It includes issues connected to communication and interaction, behaviour, emotional and mental health difficulties or physical and sensory needs.

At Knaphill, we use a range of different strategies and resources to support the children based on their individual needs and learning styles. Children sometimes work individually or in small groups outside of the class to work with a Teaching Assistant or the Inclusion Leader. Though for the majority of time, children will be supported within class in lessons.

We aim that parents are kept fully informed of their child’s progress through Individual Support Plans (ISP), parents’ evenings and annual reports. Parents are welcome to make appointments to see class teachers or the Inclusion Leader if they have any concerns or queries regarding their child’s learning or welfare.

We work closely with our feeder schools and local secondary schools, with the aim to ensure that children with SEND, experience a smooth transition between key stages. Parents of children with SEND, who are considering choosing Knaphill School, are encouraged to contact the Inclusion Leader, through the school office, to arrange an appointment.

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