School Uniform

Girls uniform

Dark green cardigan/jumper/school sweatshirt with crest
Grey skirt/pinafore/grey culottes
White blouse
White polo shirt with crest
Green and white checked summer dress
Black or grey, low heeled shoes
White or grey plain socks

Hair: If longer than collar length, hair should be fully tied back with a suitable neutral band or head band (or ones in the dark green school colour). Indian braids, twists, multi-colours and beaded hair are not permitted, unless for religious or ethnic reasons that should be discussed with your child’s teacher.

Boys Uniform

Dark green jumper/school sweatshirt with crest
Formal grey trousers
Grey long shorts (summer term)
White polo shirt with crest
Black or grey shoes
Black or grey plain socks

Hair: Long fringes covering the eyes are not permitted. Neither are Mohican/Mohawks, tramlines, cuts shorter than a grade 3, hair colour or excessive gel.

PE Kit

Green shorts and white school t-shirt with crest

Games Kit

As above, but warmer and more substantial clothing for winter is recommended, including long socks, trainers, jogging suits or sweatshirts. Jogging shorts and sweatshirts should be in the school colours only.

Swimming Kit

A named costume and a towel in a swimming bag. All children need to wear a one piece costume and a swimming cap. Powder, gel and creams for medical reasons only so please provide a note to the class teacher.

Art/Craft tops

Please give your child a named apron. A large adult shirt with long sleeve is recommended as it protects school uniform best.

Please name all kit brought to school and keep in a named bag.