Year 5 Curriculum


Your Year 5 teachers are: Miss Law (5L) who is Head of Year, Mr Alderton (5A) and Miss Ring (5R).






Details of the curriculum can be found on the curriculum pages and in the year group curriculum booklets.

Download the Autumn term Curriculum leaflet – 2019

What happens in Year 5?

Year 5 is an exciting and challenging year for the children. In the upper school, they are expected to take a more mature and independent approach towards learning. To help develop their skills, the children carry out individual research topics each term for homework and parents are invited in at the end of each term to look at all the work, including the children’s topic books.

Near the end of Year 5, the children will meet their buddy from Year 2 and will take on a mentoring role to make them feel welcome and safe at the Junior School.

Many fun and exciting things happen in Year 5:

  • The children take part in a spaced theme day in the Autumn term and an Ancient Greek day in the Summer term.
  • In Autumn, the children have a workshop in the science dome.
  • In Spring, the children hold a Saving the Environment campaign.
  • At the end of each term, parents are invited in for a homework project exhibition.
  • During the Summer term, the children have the opportunity to go on a residential trip to Hindleap Warren.

Day to day guide:

Children need reading folders, homework diaries, a book and pencil cases in school every day.

Please encourage your child to read for 10 minutes a day and where possible, read and discuss texts with an adult on a regular basis. Please sign the homework diary each week to confirm that daily reading has been done. Children have a genre chart in their reading folder and need to record the books they read from the school library and class book corners; the charts are checked by the Class teacher.

Children will need to remember their PE kits for their two days and their kits need to be named:

  • 5L – Monday and Thursday
  • 5R – Monday and Tuesday
  • 5A – Monday and Thursday

All children have swimming lessons in the Summer term and will need their swimming kit on their day. This will be confirmed before the Summer term.



This will be handed out on a Monday and should be returned by Wednesday. Spelling lists will also be given. These will be glued into homework diaries where there is space for learning them. We expect children to practise their spellings at home regularly. If your child does not understand the meaning of a word, please encourage them to look it up in a dictionary and to practise using the word in a sentence.


This will be handed out on a Wednesday, and should be returned by Friday. Children will also be given a mental maths skill to practise (i.e. 7 times table) and this will be tested during the week. We would greatly appreciate your help in assisting your children with these skills – there are many ways to make learning these fun, for example: songs, computer games, and flashcards.


In order to promote more responsibility for their own learning, the children will be given an exciting Space project to complete over the course term. All details and instructions will be included when they receive their project folders and it will clearly be explained to them at school. We will also be discussing this at the curriculum evening should you have any questions.

View the Year 5 Spring Topic Homework 2019 – Which causes the most damage to our planet, humans or natural disasters?

Two homework books are provided. There is a homework club on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the Computing suite if children wish to complete their homework at lunchtime.