Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament is made up of 48 children throughout the school. These children have applied for the important job of being a Member of Parliament (MP) for one of our four councils. The four councils that make up Pupil Parliament are as follows:

  • The Learning Council
  • The Safety Council
  • The Friendship Council
  • The Eco and Healthy Council

Pupil Parliament is a way for us to ensure that our children have a genuine ‘voice’ that improves provision or facilities in the school. The Pupil Parliament works hard to be a voice for all children and to ensure their opinions are listened to, having the opportunity to influence decision making in the school.

Each council meets every three weeks where they discuss important issues and ways of improving the school for their particular area of responsibility. After every meeting, there is an opportunity for the class pupil parliament member to feedback to their classes and in turn, gain their peers’ views and responses to share at their next meeting. Each meeting is led by the Chair (Year 6 child) and is ‘facilitated’ by the member of staff, encouraging the children to take responsibility and ownership over their important role in Knaphill life.

Meet the Learning Council

Our main aim is to improve the fantastic learning that takes place at Knaphill even more. With our exciting new ideas we work together with all the teacher’s to make learning at our school is the best it possibly can be. We created our school mission statement and school values and they are at the heart of everything we do.

Meet the Safety Council

It is really important to us that everyone at Knaphill feels safe and happy, all the time. Therefore, it is our responsibility to work with the teachers and governors to listen to each other and make Knaphill a happy and safe environment, where we can learn and play.

Meet the Friendship Council

We really care about making sure that our school is a friendly place and that all of us at Knaphill have happy and enjoyable playtimes. Our main job is to make sure that we are all given the opportunity to be happy at school through assemblies focused on friendships and anti bullying and well supervised playtimes.

Meet the Eco and Healthy Council

We care about the environment and want to make Knaphill school more eco-friendly and ensure everyone is keeping healthy. We have lots of new and exciting ideas to ensure that we encourage everyone to be more eco-friendly. We care about our school environment and are always looking for way to improve it. We also make sure that everyone has healthy snacks at school and we monitor lunchboxes.