Topic (History/Geography)

Topic at Knaphill incorporates a range of historical and geographical knowledge and skills taught across all year groups. Year 3 study Stone Age to Iron Age; the Romans and complete a local area study. In Year 4, children look at the Anglo Saxons, the Vikings and Scots; conduct an Africa study focusing on Benin and learn about Kings and Queens over different periods of time. In Year 5, children examine the Ancient civilisations of Greece; look at ways to improve the environment, including research on volcanoes, mountains and rivers and take part in a Space Exploration. Finally in Year 6, children study London past and present; examine the Ancient civilisations of Egypt and study the Victorians.

Encouraging inquisitive minds and inspiring our children to develop their skills of enquiry is crucial to our teaching of Topic. Our teachers strive to provide children with hands on and creative learning opportunities, utilising primary sources and artefacts as much as possible. Most Topics are celebrated through a Topic Day, where children dress up according to their topic and experience a range of exciting and creative activities.

In line with the new National Curriculum, we place a strong importance on geographical skills e.g. fieldwork and map skills, which are fundamental aspects of our teaching. We also understand that out-of-school visits are fundamental to improving a pupil’s understanding of a Topic and each year group offers trips linked to their topics.

Knaphill School has children of many different ethnic backgrounds and from countries all over the world. Our curriculum celebrates this diversity and helps children appreciate and understand the world in which they live from a historical, local and global perspective, developing a variety of skills in the process.