Topic (History/Geography)

All our topics are either Geography or History based and are studied for a term, allowing the children lots of opportunities to develop their Geography and History skills. Our topics allow our children to have a broader understanding of the world around them. All our topics start with a question and the children gather use their learning throughout the topic to answer the question at the end of the topic. In Year 3, our topics are The Stone Age, The Romans and Home and Away. In Year4, our topics are Africa, King and Queens and Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Scots. In Year 5, our topics are Space, Natural Disasters and The Ancient Greeks In Year 6, our topics are London, The Egyptians and the Victorians.

Through our History curriculum, our children learn about different periods in history, learning about significant events, key chronology as well as making comparisons with modern life. History encourage children to ask questions for themselves and allow them to develop their own thinking and historical enquiry. Encouraging inquisitive minds and inspiring our children to develop their skills of enquiry is crucial to our teaching of Topic. Our teachers strive to provide children with hands on and creative learning opportunities, utilising primary sources and artefacts as much as possible. Most Topics are celebrated through a Topic Day, where children dress up according to their topic and experience a range of exciting and creative activities.

Through our Geography curriculum, our children make comparisons between the world in terms of human and physical geographic features. Geography encourages fascination and curiosity about the world and people. The Children will develop their research skills as they discover new places, comparing them with life in the UK. Our children practise and develop map reading skills and use atlases to find more information in terms to physical features.

Knaphill School has children of many different ethnic backgrounds and from countries all over the world. Our curriculum celebrates this diversity and helps children appreciate and understand the world in which they live from a historical, local and global perspective, developing a variety of skills in the process.

Knowledge Organisers

The teaching staff have been busy enhancing the breadth and depth of the school’s curriculum and, as part of this, they have been developing Knowledge Organisers for this term’s topic
learning. Knowledge organisers are the ‘go to’ documents outlining the essential knowledge that will be covered across a topic; including dates, key people, vocabulary, definitions and other
contextual or technical information. These ‘Knowledge Organisers’ will be shared with pupils, parents and carers after half term –with the aim that everyone knows exactly what is being taught and what the children need to learn.

In order to support the children’s learning, future topic homework will be linked to your child’s Knowledge Organiser about their topic. Children will be expected to choose one question from the ‘What will I know by the end of the unit?’ section for further research. The children will present their research in class in a manner of their choosing.

Please click on the links below to view our Knowledge Organisers for our Autumn Term topics:

Year 3- The Stone Age to the Iron Age Knowledge Organiser

Year 4- Africa Knowledge Organiser

Year 5- Space Knowledge Organiser

Year 6- London Knowledge Organiser