Why PE is important

Participation in PE and sport can improve a huge range of skills for children:

  • Positive attitudes, attributes and physical skills
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Positive behaviour
  • Promotes inclusion and cohesion
  • Introduces competition and the concepts of winning and losing
  • Team work and listening skills.

At Knaphill, we believe that it is every child’s right to be offered a Physical Education that is challenging, fun and competitive. Therefore, we offer every child an hour of Games and an hour of dance or gymnastics each week in the autumn and spring terms and in the summer, Year 5 substitute their dance or gymnastics with swimming lessons, making 2 hours of curriculum time PE.

The children are offered a wide range of sport in the curriculum, including dance, gymnastics, hockey, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA), cricket, rugby, football, athletics, swimming, netball, hockey, circuits and basketball. (Please see the curriculum plan to see which year group are taught which sports.) The children also take part in lots of fun and engaging sports activities during Sport Relief.

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We get involved in many borough competitions and have an inter house competition every half term. 

We have recently purchased additional football and netball kits for children to wear when they represent the school

Inter-house competitions

Inter-house competitions are competitions that are played inside school. The children compete against other classes in their year group and also across House Teams. Competitions are held every half term and will involve the skills children have learnt that term. This consolidates their learning from class and gives them the opportunity to use the skills they have learnt in a game/competition situation.



We have a Playmakers Award programme at Knaphill School which is an exciting opportunity for children in Year 6. The Playmakers Award does not only consider a learners sporting ability but instead helps them develop leadership skills which they can use to lead others in sports activities.

Once the children have learnt how to lead others, they are encouraged to use these leadership skills in a whole host of different ways; from leading their peers and younger children in break time games to supporting activities within the school and community, both under direct supervision.

They are easily spotted in their orange t-shirts!


Each week Mr Broad runs a PhysiFun club with a group of children during lunchtime. PhysiFun is an ABC fitness initiative based on the principles of change4life. It is about using small game-based activities (with no focus on competition) to develop an individual’s agility, balance, & coordination. The most important part however, is that the individuals chosen have ‘fun'.

PhysiFun has been designed using change4life principles to focus on physical fundamentals for children in your school to help reinvigorate them into a healthy lifestyle which incorporates, and indeed emphasises fun physical activity. It aims to help by motivating to be more physically active to therefore become fitter.

PhysiFun has been designed to help children build good habits for life. It is to support an early intervention strategy to help ensure we are building a generation of physically active children who are then motivated to go on to be physically active teenagers, then in turn physically active and healthy adults.

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Gifted and Talented

Each week, Mr Broad runs a lunchtime Gifted and Talented in Sports Club. Children are selected to participate in the club, completing activities designed to further improve their sporting skills.


Year 5 swim at Woking Pool in the Park during the summer term for 10 weeks and children in Year 6 who cannot swim 25 metres also swim. There is a Year 5 swimming Gala at the end of the 10 weeks.

Additional Information

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