School Values

At the Federation of Knaphill Schools: ‘ We ensure that every child receives the best education and achieves their full potential in an engaging, stimulating and inclusive environment‘.

At the heart of our school are our four core values. These underpin everything that we strive to achieve for our pupils, staff, parents and community. Our values are:

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Perseverance
  • Enjoy and achieve

By trust we mean everyone:

  • knows the importance of trusting each other and not letting people down
  • is reliable and has a sense of right and wrong
  • has a caring behaviour towards other people
  • trusts adults in schools to help them with any concerns they may have

By respect we mean everyone:

  • values all members of the school community
  • displays good manners at all times
  • displays tolerance of others with different points of views
  • shows respect for all indoor and outdoor learning environments and resources used

By perseverance we mean everyone:

  • is willing to work to the highest level
  • produces work to the best of their ability
  • develops confidence and enthusiasm for learning
  • keeps going even when work gets tough

By enjoy and achieve we mean everyone:

  • promotes a sense of pride in their own and peers’ work and achievements
  • sets high standards and personal goals for improvement
  • is happy and eager to learn in harmony with each other
  • develops a healthy body and mind and values the difference education can make

We share and discuss values in assembly and teachers also explicitly teach values in PSHE lessons. Wherever possible, values are taught in other areas of the curriculum. Most importantly, adults in the school ensure that we are role-models for each of the values. We believe that teaching children these values improves pupils’ self-esteem, improves their behaviour and raises standards of learning even higher.

We provide opportunities for pupils to explore their own culture and have a clear understanding and appreciation of a wide range of cultural influences that have shaped Modern Britain.

The Knaphill 9

All our lessons have 9 key elements that make up the Knaphill 9.  They are:

The Knaphill 9 – Every lesson, every day!
  1. Positive environment that supports learning
  2. All pupils & adults actively engage and enjoy learning
  3. Success criteria provides direction
  4. Maximum use of time & pace
  5. Differentiation to support and challenge
  6. Variety of activities (VAK)
  7. Pupils demonstrate learning
  8. Check all pupils make progress (AFL)
  9. Pupils know how to

At Knaphill we will…
  • Use our P’s and T’s
  • Say good morning and good afternoon to everyone we see
  • Always remember to smile!
  • Open doors for others
  • Give way to others

Our ‘At Knaphill we will…..‘ poster is displayed around the school with our Knaphill 9.

Click here to view our ‘At Knaphill we will…..‘ poster.

British Values

At Knaphill School we aim to stress the positive aspects of living and working in a culturally heritage-rich society. Discrimination on the basis of colour, culture, origin, gender or disability is unacceptable in our school and is challenged and monitored. We acknowledge the complexity of British society, seeking to emphasise the common elements and values of our diverse heritages. We regard ourselves as a fully inclusive school.

View our British and Global Values
View our British Values Policy

 We have introduced some ‘Saying Sorry’ posters to help children if they need to resolve any friendship issues. Please click here to view the posters that are up around our school.