School Houses

There are four school houses which play an important part in the school organisation. Each has a boy and girl House Prefect and Vice-House Prefect chosen from the Year 6 classes. These 16 pupils take on many additional responsibilities throughout the school and meet with the Head of School to discuss issues relating to all aspects of school life. To become a house prefect in Year 6 or to have another monitor role, the children in year 5 now need to go through an interview process with the teachers. Find out more about this process.

All the House Prefects have training with Miss Baird to make sure they know how to fulfil their role. View their training booklet here.

There are four houses:

  • Redding (Red)
  • Trinity (Yellow)
  • Limecroft (Green) and
  • Broadway (Blue) house.

Every child can earn house points for their house for good work and behaviour and the house points get added up each week and the winners are announced in a Friday assembly. The winning house gets to go on the play-frame on a Friday. At the end of the year, all the points are added together along with the Sport’s Day and Swimming Gala points and the house with the most points is awarded the house trophy. Well done to Green House won for winning last year’s trophy.

Our House Prefects want to share all the fantastic things we do at the school and so last year’s House Prefect made a PowerPoint presentation, which they shared in an assembly when they visited Brookwood School. They did a fantastic job and Brookwood School were really impressed! View their presentation.

Broadway House Prefects

Limecroft House Prefects

Redding House Prefects

Trinity House Prefects