Joining Us

Once you have accepted your place at Knaphill we are able to start our in depth Induction Programme. This is designed to take the worries and concerns out of the move to “Big School” for both parent and child.


There is an Year 2 parent induction meeting in November where you will have chance to meet the Federation Headteacher, Miss Concannon, and the Deputy Headteacher, Miss Daly, and be taken on a tour of the school by the Year 6 House Prefects.


You will receive a letter to say that your child will be offered a place at Knaphill School and there will be details of the transition morning where you and your child can visit the school. Your child will be asked by their Infant teacher to list a group of friends they would like to transfer to Knaphill with. If you would like input to this, please contact your Infant School. This information, along with teacher input, is given to Knaphill and is used alongside academic information, and the teachers’ professional judgment to make up classes. You will also receive an admissions pack which needs to be competed an sent back to the Junior School office. 


Knaphill teachers meet their new pupils at their Infant Schools with their Year 6 buddy. If your child is absent on this date, we can rearrange a visit to Knaphill for you.


Induction Day! Children will come and spend a morning at Knaphill at the beginning of July and meet their new class teacher. They should wear their existing school uniform and parents are invited in to meet the Leadership team and for a presentation by the Head of Year 3. There will also be a chance to look around the school with your child’s new Year 6 buddy.

Arrival time is 09.00 – children will walk up with their Year 2 teachers and shown to their classrooms.

Children return to the lower School at 12.00 with their Year 2 teachers.


There is an opportunity to meet the class teachers and ask them about the curriculum for the term of any other questions you might have.

We hope that this is useful to get you started. There is a huge amount of information to be found elsewhere on the website – if you need any further help please email

School houses

There are 4 houses:
Redding House (Red)
Broadway House (Blue)
LimeCroft House (Green)
Trinity House (Yellow)

There are two House Prefects and two Vice House prefects for each colour house from Year 6. The House Prefects take on many roles and responsibilities in the school: they deliver upper school assemblies; monitor corridors during play times; monitor behaviour in assemblies and help with wet play duty; they help on Sports Day and deliver house meetings once a half term.


The children change their reading scheme books regularly in Year 3 and 4 and all years have a chance to visit the school library and have regular access to class books. The library is open every day for the children to visit. Each child has a reading folder to keep track of the books they are reading and so the teacher can check they are reading a range of genres.

To assess reading scheme book levels, we look at Key Stage One data and carry out tests at the beginning of the year to assess each child’s reading age along with teacher assessments. These levels are reviewed regularly to ensure that children move up the scheme when they are ready.


We provide a happy and safe environment in which children can enjoy and excel in all areas of school life.

View our behaviour booklet. 

View our child friendly anti-bullying guide

Personal property

We do not advise that children bring in any personal belongings that are valuable and if they do, they do it at their own risk. Children can bring in pencil cases, pads and a dictionary/thesaurus to use in lessons. They are allowed to bring in a tennis ball and any other small games they wish to play with at playtime. If your child brings in a mobile phone, they must leave it in the office all day and collect at 3.10pm.

Pencil cases

Children will need to bring a pencil case to school and it is important they name any stationery they bring in. We will continue to provide black handwriting pens so that books look consistent. Please can you make sure that your child has the following items in:

1 pencil case30cm non-flexible rulerScissors
HB pencilColoured pencilsRubber
Pencil sharpenerProtractorGlue stick

Children will not need, felt tip pens, ink eraser or gel pens. If you have trouble getting any of the above equipment, then please let your child’s class teacher know in September.

Making contact with other parents

Knaphill School has an outstanding PTA that organise events throughout the year. Click here to find out more.

Each class, also has a parent rep that organises events and helps with various social events at the school. The class rep meets with the year leader once a half term to discuss ideas from parents and to share positives and suggest any ways that improvements can be made. Click here to view the minutes from the meetings.

What happens if you are running late?

If you are walking or using public transport, please phone us to tell us you will be late. If you are driving and cannot ring us, your child should return to the office where they will late in the care of a member of staff until they are collected.

Children sign a late book if they are late for school in the morning.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.