Development Plan

School Development Plan 2018-2019 – Knaphill Junior School

Improvement FocusKey objectives
Leadership and Management1- To embed the Federation vision, mission statement and school values throughout our school community.
2- To strengthen relationships within the Federation and across schools.
3- To develop all staff to ensure they are effective and accountable for ensuring improved outcomes for all pupils.
4- To promote high levels of staff satisfaction and job fulfilment for all stakeholders.
Quality of Teaching, learning and assessment1- To ensure good quality CPD inspires, challenges and improves teaching so that it is consistently highly effective across the Federation.
2- To increase opportunities for pupils to deepen their knowledge and understanding through further practising of key skills, enhancement of subject knowledge and vocabulary.
3- To ensure all feedback is motivational and meaningful and secures the maximum impact on pupil outcomes.
4- To develop and embed assessment systems that support and work cohesively with our curriculum rationale.
Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare1- To continue to develop our curriculum to ensure it is broad, balanced, relevant and enjoyable.
2- To ensure all pupils have an excellent attitude to learning, through developing their self-confidence and independence.
3- To promote opportunities for pupils to enrich their learning experiences using practical resources and outdoor learning spaces.
4- To ensure pupils make informed choices about their safety, and emotional and mental well-being.
Outcomes of pupils1. Through close monitoring and analysis, ensure all pupils make expected or accelerated progress across the curriculum.
2- To continually work to close the gap and overcome disadvantage.
3- To increase opportunities across the curriculum to develop application of skills and stamina for writing.
4- To ensure pupils are given cross-curricular opportunities to develop depth of understanding when learning new concepts and methods.