Development Plan

School Development Plan 2019-2020 – Knaphill Federation of Schools

Improvement FocusKey objectives
The Quality of Education1- To continue to develop our curriculum to ensure it is broad, balanced, relevant and enjoyable in order to prepare children for their next stage of learning.
2- To provide opportunities for pupils to deepen their knowledge and understanding and make connections both across subjects and with previous learning.
3- To continue to monitor and strive to ensure we are closing the gap of all groups of children.
4- To continue to celebrate diversity and promote progress by ensuring that the curriculum meets the individual needs of all pupils within our context.
Behaviours and Attitudes1- To develop Federation expectations for behaviour and routines across all aspects of school life.
2- To build on learning behaviours and provide increased opportunities for pupil voice to promote independence, motivation and self-confidence.
Personal Development1- To develop pupils understanding of how to keep physically and mentally healthy.
2- To ensure pupils make informed choices about their emotional and mental well-being (including the risks posed to them both online and offline).
Leadership and Management1- To develop Leadership at every level, through good quality CPD, so that everyone has the skills and understanding to improve standards so we achieve the highest possible outcomes for all groups of pupils.
2- To make realistic and constructive choices that will support and protect staff well-being.
Early Years Education1- To continue to develop quality interactions, ensuring they are meaningful, informative and revealing.
2- To continue to promote opportunities for vocabulary and language development.