13th July

There was a huge turnout for our Summer production yesterday- thank you to all who came along. The children were spectacular during both performances. They brought so much energy and enthusiasm and it was so clear how much they were enjoying the experience. The children did us all proud and we were all blown away by ‘The Pirates of the Curry Bean’ performance. Thank you for all the hard work that went into producing it, I think we have many stars in the making!

Year 6 have had a big week this week as they also received their SATs results. They all gave 100% to their SATs and that’s all you could ever ask for. The Year teachers enjoyed celebrating individual achievements when they shared the results with the children but also as a school, we are delighted by our attainment figures which are all higher than last year- well done Year 6! Thank you to the Year 6 team for teaching the children so well and preparing them so effectively for SATs.

It was our Open afternoon for parents this week and I received lots of positive comments about the work that the children have produced and how much the children have enjoyed their lessons. Thank you to those who were able to make the event.

This week in Year 3, the children have started to write a leaflet persuading people to visit Woking. In their leaflets, the children have spoken about all the fantastic places to visit in Woking and focused on their target audience in particular. In Maths, the children have learnt how to measure capacity and mass in a range of scales, conversion and problem solving. In Science, the children have learnt more about shadows, how they formed and what makes them change. The children had a fantastic day on Thursday for DT day. For DT day, they tasted a range of different Mexican Dips (tomato salsa, guacamole, soured cream & chive and nacho chilli cheese). The children described the textures and flavours of these different dips and then created their own version of tomato salsa in small groups. The children thoroughly enjoyed doing this and created some very interesting and unique tomato salsa dips!

This week, the children across Year 4 have been finishing their epic tales about Beowulf (complete with some fantastic alternative endings!).  They have also produced some amazing front covers for their stories and have also written a blurb to go on the back, summarising what their story is about.  During Maths lessons, the children have been exploring angles, including being able to identify them in 2D shapes and in French, the children enjoyed playing class games to recap their knowledge of colours and numbers.  In Music, the children have now practised notes A and B and are now more confident when playing in a duet and independently.  The children have also enjoyed watching the Year 6 Summer production and Globe theatre performances at the end of the week.

This week Year 5 have particularly enjoyed reading, discussing, performing a comical poem ‘Don’t’, written by the poet Michael Rosen. The children then wrote in small groups their own entertaining poems related to the Ancient Greeks, following the rhyming and syllable patterns of ‘Don’t’. The quality of poetry was extremely high and the teachers are all looking forward to hearing the children performing their poems next week.  

In Topic lessons each class had a discussion about the treatment of Greek women in Athens compared with Sparta; the children had lots of points of view about the ethics of women being treated so differently to men. This sparked some interesting discussions about the modern day differing rights of women and groups of people around the world. This week Year 5 had their last swimming lesson of the year. It was a fun session with diving, doing ‘dolphin’ style swimming and with some racing. It has been lovely to see the huge improvement in the children’s confidence from the beginning of the Summer Term, to now.

Wow! What a week it has been for Year 6.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they performed their production, The Pirates of the Curry Bean to the rest of the school and Year 2, as well as to their parents and family. What a show stopping performance it was! The children impressed all of their teachers with their amazing acting, singing, sound effects, props and lighting. It was fantastic to see all of the children having fun and looking confident – they were real stars!  The children entertained us with so many funny scenes and have all dedicated so much of their own time to the performance! We are so proud of all of them.  We can’t wait for the DVD to come out!  The children have also thoroughly enjoyed creating pages for their Year Books later in the week. These will be a lovely souvenir for them to keep when they move on to secondary school. 

Well done to 6F for winning the Attendance Cup this week.

Miss Daly