6th July 2018

3B’s assembly was a lovely way to start our day. It was filled with songs, a Mexican dance, lots of learning and even some letters trying to convince me to allow school trips (don’t worry I’m not cancelling all trips!)
It was great to see such a turnout for the Big Lunch today. The sun was shining and everyone had a fantastic time picnicking on the field. Thank you for everyone that came and for making the event so special.
Our Year 5 children made us so proud at their Swimming Gala yesterday. Their behaviour was exemplary and they represented Knaphill very well. The children showed great team spirit and enjoyed the event greatly (despite the intense heat!) Thank you to the Year 5 team for organising and running such a fantastic event.
The Rocksteady concert this week was a great celebration of all that the children have learnt in the club this year. There is such a noticeable difference to how they are playing now, compared to the start of the year- what great progress! Thank you for keeping us all thoroughly entertained.
The children really enjoyed meeting their new teachers this week for Transition morning and it helped to reduce nerves about September. I received lots of praise about the Year 5 buddies, who gave their Year 3 buddies (and parents) a tour around the school.
In Year 3, the children have continued to write their poems in the style of another poet who wrote ‘The Sound Collector’. Their teachers were really impressed with the work they produced and the children did a fantastic job performing their poems to their class. In Maths, the children have started to explore the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, using mathematical vocabulary to describe them as well as applying their knowledge of the past couple of weeks of parallel, perpendicular, horizontal and vertical lines. In Science, the children learnt about their Science topic ‘Light’and how shadows are formed and how they change. 
This week, as part of their Science unit on sound, Year 4 have enjoyed learning about the best materials that can be used for soundproofing.  During the week, the children had the opportunity to explore mindfulness art and created some fantastic, colourful mindfulness patterns.   In French, the children explored the story of Asterix and Obelix and wrote some brilliant character descriptions about the different comic book characters.  As part of their R.E. unit on Sikhism, the children explored quotes from Guru Granth Sahib and learnt why this special book is so respected.  The children enjoyed ending the week with the Big Lunch and a game of ‘scatterball rounders’ on the school field.
This week in Year 5 the children have been learning more about the Ancient Greek Olympics, comparing them with the modern Olympics. They have designed and created fantastic information booklets to advertise the ancient Olympics, explaining their knowledge of the events. The children have also been continuing to work hard with their Greek theatre masks, showing expressing through their layering of papier mache. Next week they will be adding colour to their creations.
The big event in Year 5 this week has been the Swimming Gala at Woking Pool in the Park. Since the start of the Summer Term, the children have all been working hard to improve their confidence and technique. For the Gala, the children raced in different heats, using front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke. The Year 5 teachers were so impressed by the effort, resilience and support that the children gave each other. It was an extremely close battle for the trophy, with Green Team triumphing. Three children were also awarded medals for outstanding effort and improvement during the lessons. Next week will be the final session of swimming, where the children will be having a fun lesson, celebrating their confidence in the pool.
Year 6 have enjoyed writing an explanation text about the mummification process this week. Applying all of their knowledge from the trip to Haslemere Museum and the Egyptian day workshop, ensured their write-ups were detailed and specific about the gruesome methods used.  This week has been all about transition for Year 6.  The week began with an Engage Transition Workshop where the children reflected on what they would miss from Knaphill and what they are most looking forward to at secondary school.  This lead nicely into the children’s transition days and feedback from the children has been really positive about these. Rehearsals are picking up pace and it has been fantastic to see all of the children’s wonderful costumes; they are really helping to make the production come alive and enable the children to get into character.  A big thank you to all of the parents for supporting with the costume process. 
Well done to stars of the week and those who work is displayed on the Wonder Wall. Congratulations to 4R for winning the attendance cup.
Miss Daly