29th June 2018

4R’s assembly this morning was brilliant and put a smile on all our faces. It was full of their incredible learning from this term. They thrilled us with a tale of Beowulf and how he defeated Grendel and the Shehag, sung and danced 3 catchy songs and shared their gruesome Shehag writing. Thanks 4R and Miss Ring for all your hard work preparing your assembly.
This week, we have all been ‘moving it’ as Mrs Jordan and Mr Broad have been leading fun exercise activities to get us ready for the day. I’m looking forward to joining in some more next week. We also hosted a fantastic Maths enrichment event this week at school that local school took part in. Our Year 5 teams had a brilliant time and were great ambassadors for our school.17 of our students represented the school in the WASPs swimming gala last Saturday; they all worked really hard and it was lovely to see the team spirit they showed.
This week, the children in Year 3 have started to look at the poem ‘The Sound Collector’. The poem is about a man who takes all sound away and puts them in his bag. The children explored the key features of the poem and have now started to write their own version about the sounds that he could take away from a bustling Mexican Fiesta. In Maths, the children have learnt about different angles, particularly right angles in shapes and as turns. In Science, the children continued to learn about their Science topic ‘Light’. They learnt about the keywords ‘opaque’, ‘transparent’ and ‘translucent’ and how this has an impact on shadows forming.
Year 4 enjoyed an afternoon treat on Monday- watching How to Train your Dragon (and enjoying some refreshing ice lollies!). In Art, the children enjoyed the opportunity to design and annotate their own version of the England football strip for the World Cup.  During English lessons, the children have enjoyed writing an action narrative about the fight scene which takes place between Beowulf the Anglo-Saxon warrior and the terrifying monster, Grendel.  During PSHE, the children had an opportunity to write to their new class teacher, talking about their likes and dislikes as well as what they were looking forward to in September.  On Friday, Year 4 also had an opportunity to bake and evaluate Anglo-Saxon biscuits and completing an inter-house, interactive quiz based on what they had learnt in Geography this year.
The highlight of the week for Year 5 has been meeting their new buddies, from the current Year 2 classes. The children have now met each other twice- introducing themselves, discussing their hobbies, what they enjoy at school and what their favourite subject is. It was lovely to see how nurturing and caring Year 5 children were with the younger children and I am sure they will have given their buddies much more confidence ahead of their transition to the Junior School. In English and Topic lessons, the children have been planning, writing and filming tour guide vlogs, to describe some of the ancient monuments and statues of Greece. The focus has been on the ancient ruins of the Parthenon, Olympia and the Colossus of Rhodes; fully explaining the appearance and the history of these historic places. When reading and filming their vlogs, the children learnt a lot about the importance of presenting clearly and how intonation helps a performance.
It has been a busy week in Year 6 and there has been many highlights.  Last Friday afternoon, the children approached the end of the Apprentice Challenge, selling their products to teachers, parents and children. They decorated their stalls beautifully in a bid to win the competition and came up with some truly inspiring ideas in order to gain maximum sales and profit.  Well done to all of Year 6; we were extremely proud of all the children for working so hard.  An extra well done to the winning team, Shop For Sugar, who won the challenge. 
Ancient Egyptian Day was another highlight for the children.  There were fantastic costumes and amazing acting during our role-play sessions.  The children learnt so much about Egyptian measure and Royal Cubits, they handled a range of artefacts and understood more about mummification and how the Ancient Egyptians ended.  All of the children were really involved in all aspects of the day and had a wonderful day from our inspiring visitor, Lauren.  Year 6 can’t believe how soon the Summer Production is! The lighting and microphones have just been delivered and the backstage children are so excited to begin using them and learning how to control them in such a short space of time!    
Well done to our Stars of the Week and those children whose work is on the Wonder Wall. Congratulations to 4R for winning the Attendance Cup this week.
Miss Daly