22nd June 2018

What an action packed week we have had! We have had a very successful French Café for Year 3 and Year 5. There was a great turn out for this event and it was lovely to see the children so excited about using their French skills. Thank you to everyone who came and supported this event.

We had our Sports Day yesterday and the children were beautifully behaved and I was so proud of them. We saw some exciting races, great team work and lovely examples of sportsmanship. Congratulations to Yellow Team for winning Sports Day. It was wonderful to see so many parents and family members coming to support the children. Thank you for joining us.

This week has been a very busy but exciting week for Year 3. To begin with, the children worked really hard in Maths on Monday helping a detective solve a crime using their knowledge of time.  In English, the children began to write a persuasive letter, applying their learning from last week. In Science this week, the children learnt about the dangers of the Sun and how to protect themselves from it. 

On Tuesday, the children hosted a fantastic French Cafè afternoon, showcasing everything they have learnt this term. Thank you to all those parents who came and showed their support – we hope you enjoyed it! Also, a huge thank you to Madame Gill who has worked really hard with the children. 

The children really enjoyed their school trip to Walton Firs on Wednesday. The children had a fantastic time, communicating as a team and demonstrated resilience and determination in all the challenges they were faced with, from caving to crate stacking or climbing. All the teachers were extremely impressed with how well the children behaved.

This week in Year 4, the children have enjoyed taking part in a range of activities linked to Feel Good Week.  During English lessons, the children have created some wonderful poems based on Kit Wright’s, ‘The Magic Box,’ in which they thought of all the fantastical items they would like to include in their own magic box.  In Topic, the children explored Anglo-Saxon crime and punishment and decided whether modern day or historic punishments were more justified in a given context.  On Tuesday afternoon, the children took part in a cricket inter-house competition, representing their colour house to earn house points for their team.  After Sports Day, the children across Year 4 also took part in a Feel Good carousel where they took part in a yoga and meditation session, created artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy and designed their own World Cup mascot.

This week Year 5 have had a very sporty week and many enrichment opportunities. It began with an Ancient Greek Workshop, where the children learnt about the traditional Olympics; played games and maths challenges created by the Greeks; found out more about some of the gods and goddesses and learnt about the many famous battles which happened. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and looked fantastic in their costumes.

As well as a whole morning of competitive sports on Thursday, earlier in the week Year 5 enjoyed an afternoon of inter-house cricket, learning more about the rules and having the opportunity to work with children from across the year group. The sporting attitude of the children was evident, as they cheered each other on and celebrated each other’s successes.

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed continuing to create their campaign for their Apprentice Challenge. Using their market research, the children have created bar charts and pie charts and ensured that they have listened to their target audience, making any necessary amendments. Excitement is building throughout the year groups, as they prepare for the Apprentice Afternoon and the teachers are looking forward to seeing all of their ideas come to life. As part of Eid Afternoon, the children have created wonderful silhouettes and learnt all about the celebration. Rehearsals have been going well for the Year 6 children and they are putting in lots of effort into their roles. They have given up lots of their own time after school to help enhance their performance. 

Well done to all the Stars of the Week. Due to the excitement of the Year Six Apprentice Project this afternoon, we will be celebrating next week (with a chocolate biscuit). Well done also to those whose work is displayed proudly on the Wonder Wall. Congratulations to 3B for winning the Attendance Cup this week.



Miss Daly