15th June 2018

6LW started the day with a wonderful assembly. They performed 3 songs brilliantly, re-enacted a mummification, taught us all about Egyptian fashion and Tutankhamun. The real highlight was 6LW showing a lot of resilience and continuing their ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ Dance even when the music cut out! Thank you 6LW and Miss Wilson for all you hard work and for keeping us so entertained.
This week in English, the children in Year 3 continued to write their persuasive letters about the importance of schools trips at Knaphill Junior School, particularly focusing on conjunctions. As well as this, in Maths, the children continued learning about time, with a particular focus on digital and 24 hour time. In Science, the children carried out an investigation to find out which material would be the best for a reflective stripe on a new Safety Bag for school children when walking to and from school. They then wrote letters to the Book Bag Company to explain what they found out about reflective materials and explored why they are needed in everyday life. The children also really enjoyed participating in Eid Afternoon on Thursday. They made their own Sadaqah (charity) Jars and learnt about Eid and its importance to Muslims. 


Year 4 started the week with Anglo-Saxon Day where the children enjoyed handling a range of artefacts including Anglo-Saxons coins, ice skates, chain mail and arrows.  As part of the day, the children also took part in a trivia quiz and played an Anglo-Saxon board game called, ‘The Fox and the Geese.’  They also had an opportunity to re-enact the Battle of Hastings before listening to a dramatic retelling of the story of Beowulf.  During the week, the children also celebrated Eid by making sun and moon mobiles and creating group dances.  In Topic, the children enjoyed learning about Viking runes and symbols, including being able to crack and write their own Viking rune codes.  On Tuesday, the children had an opportunity to practise relays and sprints in preparation for Sports Day next week.
This week in Year 5, the children have been researching, planning and starting to write thoroughly interesting non-chronological reports about a mythical Ancient Greek beast of their choice. The children have shown so much knowledge and enthusiasm for this topic and the creatures have really sparked their imaginations. In Art, Year 5 have been designing and have started to make masks suitable for use in an Ancient Greek theatre. The diverse ideas they have had, have shown a full range of emotions, humans, mythical creatures and gods, again showing how much the year group have been enjoying the topic of the Ancient Greeks. On Friday, Year 5 learnt about Eid, the significance and history of the festival to Muslims and created some patterned and cityscape art. The children were interested to learn that Islamic art does not use living things.
Year 6 have enjoyed writing their ghost stories based around Alma. Watching a spine-chilling video of the ghost doll provided inspiration for their stories. They have produced some fantastic and tense openings – the teachers are looking forward to reading them! Year 6 went on a fantastic trip to Haslemere Museum earlier in the week to find out all about the ancient ritual of mummification. They had the opportunity to handle genuine ancient relics, such as shabtis and amulets and they had a rare glimpse at an actual mummy. Just like an archaeologist would have done, the children used clues from the mummy, and from x-rays taken, to determine information about who the person underneath the linen bandages could have been, and how they could have died. The Apprentice has been in full swing; the children have allocated their budgets and decided upon their final idea. Campaigns are just beginning and next week they will finalise their logo and create attractive and eye-catching posters. They are looking forward to selling them on Friday 22nd! 
Two of our Year 6 girls (Lily and Emma) made it through the finals of the Premier League Cup in Liverpool at the weekend. Incredibly they came second overall, frustratingly to penalties. What a wonderful achievement!
Congratulations to all the Stars of the Week and those whose work is on the Wonder Wall. Well done to 3C, 4J and 6LW for winning the Attendance Cup.
Miss Daly