8th June 2018

Welcome back to our final half term of the year- how time flies! I hope the children (and parents) had a restful and refreshing break over half term.
Thank you to those who came in mufti today and donated items for our Summer Fair.
4J performed a wonderful assembly today that showed all their fantastic learning through different television programmes. It was packed with singing and dancing, including a great Beowulf call and response song. Thank you for all the hard work 4J and Mrs Jordan- your assembly was a treat to watch!
The children in Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their first week back after half term. A particular highlight of the week was the Mexican Fiesta that took place on Thursday. The children participated in a range of exciting activities throughout the day. In the morning, the children made their own Maracas using paper plates, rice and a lolly stick. They had great fun using them to recreate their own tune. The children spent the afternoon playing different party games like ‘Jumping Beans’, ‘Cactus Ring’, ‘Hula Hoopla’ and ‘The Limbo’. They decorated their own Sombrero Cookies and learnt some traditional Mexican Dances.

 For English, the children in Year 3 were outraged at the possibility of the number of schools trips being reduced so decided to plan and write a persuasive letter about the benefits of the school trips they have been on this year and the positive impact they have had on their learning. In Maths, the children have started to learn about reading the time on an analogue clock. In Science, the children have started their new topic ‘Light’ this week and have started to look at sources of light and which sources of light are natural or artificial.
This week, Year 4 have been writing some fantastic non-chronological reports about the mythical she-hag from the book, Beowulf.  They have explored her habitat, diet, behaviour, offspring and appearance, using ideas from the book as a springboard.  In Topic, the children have enjoyed learning about Viking food and drink and comparing similarities and differences between modern day and Viking storing and hunting methods.  In Science, the children have started their new topic, sound, and have produced some colourful mind maps displaying what they know and what they would like to find out.  As part of their R.E. unit on Sikhism, the children have created some wonderful storyboards based on the creation story and have also learnt about the importance of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism.  During Art lessons, children have also had the opportunity to design an England football strip for the upcoming World Cup.
Year 5 have been working extremely hard this week and have settled back in after the half term break and excitement of the residential visit. In Science, the children have been writing autobiographies about the lifecycle of Frederick the frog. In character, they described the metamorphosis of a tadpole to an adult frog, using their scientific vocabulary to explain this incredible natural transformation. In Maths the children enjoyed investigating with pentominoes, in order to learn more about rotation, reflection and perimeter. They worked successfully together applying their knowledge and observing patterns and rules. The children have been preparing for the impending French Café, creating menus, learning new vocabulary and practising their spoken French. As a year group, the children met to collectively rehearse their café dialogue, with a one minute conversation, then moving on to the next person which helped their confidence and they thoroughly enjoyed it too.  In PE, Year 5 have been practising ready for their swimming Gala which is later on this term, working hard to improve their pace and techniques.    
The much awaited Apprentice Challenge has begun.  The Year 6 children have formed their groups and they have organised themselves into their specific group roles, for example, Project Managers and Financial Directors. Through market research, the children have begun to develop their initial product idea, ensuring that they stick to the £10 budget.  Next week, they will take part in the budgeting process using the Computing Suite and iPads to do this. Rehearsals have begun this week for our Summer Production, ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean.’ Lots of the children have already learnt their lines over half term, which is extremely impressive! The children are working hard to develop their characters and thinking about their facial expressions and acting whilst on stage. Researching Egyptian Gods on the iPads was also lots of fun. They learnt a lot about the Gods and wrote very persuasive speeches explaining why their chosen God was the best!    
Well done to 4R and 5A for winning the Attendance Cup. Congratulations to all our Stars of the Week and those who have had their work proudly displayed on the Wonder Wall.
Miss Daly