18th May

I want to start the weekly update by congratulating Year 6 on how hard they have worked this week during SATs (and during the whole year to prepare for them). I was so impressed by the calm manner that they approached the tests with and how much effort they put into them- they have made us so proud. As a treat after SATs, the Year 6s enjoyed some pizza in the sun to celebrate SATs being over.


We had a special assembly today to celebrate the royal wedding and I’m sure many of you will be watching it tomorrow- let’s hope the weather remains sunny!

This week in Year 3, the children have worked hard to edit and improve their fantastic writing. They have also learnt how to add and subtract fractions and solve a range of problems involving fractions. In Art, the children made their 3D models of ‘The Martian’ with the recycled items they brought in. As well as this, in Science, the children planned a fair test to investigate how much plants need sunlight. In Music, the children listened to and described music from Mexico, which they really enjoyed. Finally, in Geography, the children researched local and global produce and next week will be creating their own pitches to a supermarket persuading them to buy locally. The children had an exciting Friday afternoon with fun activities celebrating the Royal Wedding tomorrow.

The Year 4s have had another fun-filled five days of learning this week.  In Maths, they have been solving word problems involving money as well as learning how to work out change from a given amount when buying items in a shop.  During outdoor games sessions, the children have been practising their athletics skills in preparation for District Sports and Sports Day and have been sprinting, long distance running, vortex throwing and practising the standing long jump.  In Music, the children have used instruments to practise 4 beat rhythms to the song, ‘Hall of the Mountain King,’ by Grieg with some of them even beginning to take on the role of conductor! As part of outdoor learning, the children spent Friday morning in the Lower School Eco and Sensory garden, using classification keys to identify different types of minibeasts.

In Year 5 this week, the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about Ancient Greek gods, their powers, symbols and how they represented the world around them. The children have been busy comparing some of the Greek gods to gods from other ancient civilisations including the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. The children’s knowledge and enthusiasm was evident and they have produced some excellent writing, comparing the gods’ similarities and differences. In Art, the children looked at, compared and sketched detailed pictures of Ancient Greek warriors (Hoplites) who had well-made armour with Persian soldiers who were greater in number, but had limited armour and weapons.  English work this week has focused on the novel ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’; the children have been writing what happens next in the story using a range of suspense techniques. They have also been working hard to use the ISPACE to create varied ways to begin their sentences. In Maths, they have been investigating angles within polygons.

Despite being SATs week, many of the Year 6 children have loved the week, as they enjoyed many treats.  Pizza was a real highlight on Thursday afternoon – they loved sitting with their friends in the sunshine eating pizza! Making Egyptian-style board games was another highlight of the week.  The children have been creating and designing their own game showcasing their creativity and partner work.  The children have included a variety of features to make their games engaging.  They have also dusted off their microphones and loved finding out which Summer Production they will be performing.  Listening to the songs was a lot of fun and the children are so excited about the upcoming auditions and rehearsals. Well done for all of your hard work, Year 6!

Congratulations to 6F for winning the Attendance Cup.

Miss Daly