4th May 2018

Our week ended with a spectacular class assembly courtesy of 5A and Mr Alderton. 5A showed us their dance moves, singing, great acting performances and some of their learning about the Ancient Greeks. A particular highlight for me was their performance of Memory to Hades. Thank you 5A and Mr Alderton for such a fantastic assembly. It was the perfect way to start my day.

The school value that we have been focusing on this week is trust. All the classes have been challenged to form their own human sculptures to develop trust with their classmates. No sculpture was the same and we’ve got some very interesting photos!

This week in Year 3, the children have been writing a descriptive setting based on their other class book ‘The Tin Forest’. The children particularly focused on using prepositions and adverbs at the start of their sentences to make their setting descriptions more interesting. In Maths, the children have continued learning about fractions and have focused on finding fractions of numbers and amounts and also comparing fractions. As well as this, the children have started to look at the ‘Martian’ sculpture by Michael Condron in Woking Town Centre. Next week, the children will be designing their own sculptures which they will make out of recycled items towards the end of this half term. This afternoon, the children also enjoyed tasting Japanese food. This followed on from our multi-cultural week workshop and lessons from last week all about Japan. They tried a range of different foods including, Miso Soup, rice, soy sauce, noodles, rice crackers and seaweed.

At the start of the week, the children across Year 4 explored Anglo-Saxon developments and settlements and looked at what the Anglo-Saxons would have been looking for in the lands which they invaded.  In DT, they also started their biscuit project- looking at the history of biscuits, how they used to be made and their ingredients.  During the second half of the week, some of the children went on a residential trip to PGL in Liddington where they took part in some fantastic, outdoor adventurous activities such as the giant swing, zip wiring and orienteering.  On one of the evenings, the children also enjoyed learning songs and eating marshmallows around a campfire. I’ve heard such wonderful reports from the teachers on the trip about how fantastically the children behaved and how much fun they all had.  For the children who remained at school, they also took part in fun, classroom-based and outdoor activities such as gardening, cooking, team sports and computing.

This week in Year 5 the children have been writing creative short stories about a mysterious ‘Dream Giver’, who delivers dreams to children in a village and then rescues a boy when his dream turns into a nightmare. The children enjoyed all the twists in the story and worked hard to use expanded noun phrases to fully describe the events. In Maths, Year 5 have been estimating and measuring angles, improving their accuracy. They then calculated missing angles on straight line, within a full rotation and some children began calculating interior angles of triangles.  The Year 5 teachers have all been impressed by the accuracy of the children’s angles work and by how quickly they understood how to find missing measurements.

In topic work, the children have continued to learn about Ancient Greeks, with a focus on preparing an Ancient Greek Gods family tree- which has proved to be somewhat complicated! It has been lovely to see the enthusiasm from the children about our topic, some excellent questions and many children have clearly been so inspired that they have been doing additional research outside of school. As part of our school’s assembly theme for this week, Year 5 classes have been thinking carefully about what the word trust means to them.

Food tasting a range of Chinese delicacies for Multi-Cultural Week has been a real highlight for the Year 6 children.  They thoroughly enjoyed tasting vegetable spring rolls, crispy seaweed, egg fried rice, prawn crackers, sugar snap peas and water chestnuts.  Vegetable spring rolls seemed to be a firm favourite in each of the Year 6 classrooms.  Lots of children were pleasantly surprised by the taste of the crispy seaweed – they were even asking for seconds!  In PE, the children’s interpretive dances have continued to develop. They are putting smiles on the teachers’ faces as they work in groups to recreate the story of the River Nile. Colourful scarves have enhanced their routines as they show the flooding and growing of the crops.  Studying tomb art involving gods and hieroglyphs has been extremely enjoyable for the children.  They recreated their own tomb art in preparation for decorating their own mini 3D sarcophagus in the next few weeks.

Congratulations to Lily and Emma who were part of the team who won the English Schools F.A. regional tournament last Saturday in a tense final with penalties. They will now represent the South East in the National Finals at Liverpool’s training grounds in June. What an achievement! Congratulations also to Leonie, Elina, Charlotte, Lilly and Lucy who took part in a Swimathon to raise money for Marie Curie and Cancer Research. They have raised £341 and collectively swam 1.5km- well done girls!

Well done to all children who were Star of the week or had their work displayed on the Wonder Wall. Congratulations to 4J for winning the Attendance Cup this week.

Miss Daly