27th April 2018

I have definitely missed the sun this week and I hope it returns soon! This week has been Multi-cultural Week and all the children have taken part in a drumming workshop. From the drumming that I heard and the big smiles on the children’s faces, I know they really enjoyed the workshops! Each year group has had a country to focus on and the children had the opportunity to try food from their focus country. I really enjoyed watching the look on some of Year 5’s faces when they thought they had to eat witchetty grubs- thankfully it was a prank by the Year 5 teachers!

We have continued our school focus on the importance of being kind. All the children have been given a name of another child in their class and they have been doing random acts of kindness for that child. I wonder if any of the children managed to guess who was being especially kind to them this week.

This week in Year 3, the children have been studying Japan to celebrate Multi-cultural Week. In Maths, the children solved a range of Sudoku puzzles as well as continuing their learning on fractions. In Art, the children created their own Japanese landscapes using a range of materials, including paint, charcoal and tissue paper for their blossom trees. The children also researched interesting facts about Japan and created their own posters in small groups. The children took part in an exciting workshop where they explored Japanese instruments. 

In Year 4 this week, as part of Multi-Cultural week, the children have been exploring the culture of Hawaii.  During English lessons, they have been writing travel guides, exploring popular tourist activities such as a dolphin quest, hula dancing and volcano trekking.  In Geography, they drew their own climate and rainfall graphs, based on climate data they were given and then compared the weather in the UK with that in Hawaii.  As part of their indoor P.E. lesson, the children also used the film, Moana, as a channel through which to explore locomotor and non-locomotor movements.  Towards the end of the week, the children in Year 4 were lucky enough to attend an Earthsong workshop where they created traditional Hawaiian music and performed Hawaiian dances.  They also tasted a range of foods that are popular or indigenous to Hawaii and evaluated their flavours, smells and textures.

For Multi-cultural Week, Year 5 have been learning all about Australia. The children have learnt about, explored and then created their own aboriginal art, using a range of symbols, appropriate colours and small dots, with some children challenging themselves to tell stories through their symbolic art. In a cross-curricular workshop, the children found out about native culture through watching and taking part in Poi dancing and hakas and also collaboratively playing digeridoos- which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  In English and computing, the children researched and wrote a travel guide, all about the most famous city in Australia, Sydney. They thought carefully about a range of ways to start their sentences to engage their reader, in descriptive writing about The Sydney Opera House and The Sydney Harbour Bridge. The children had a unique experience when they sampled some traditional Australian food including crab sticks, vegemite on toast and almost witchetty grubs! This led to an interesting discussion on the importance of trying new foods and how culturally rich the children’s diets are.

As part of Multi-Cultural Week, Year 6 children have enjoyed learning all about China. They have created crafts depicting traditional Chinese artefacts: Chinese dragons which are an iconic symbol of China, willow pattern China plates and Chinese fans which are traditionally used in Chinese New Year celebrations. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing a variety of drums and being a part of a dragon parade. In Maths, the children have been learning all about angles including angles in triangles, quadrilaterals and in straight lines. Using protractors, Year Six have been learning how to measure angles accurately and how to draw 2D shapes using given information. In Computing, the children have begun research the cost of a holiday to Egypt ready to create a spreadsheet using Excel.       

Well done to all the children who were a Star of the week and those whose work has been displayed on the Wonder Wall.

Congratulations to 5A for winning the Attendance Cup this week.

Miss Daly