20th April 2018

What a lovely week for our first week back to school, packed full of sunshine! I’d like to welcome Mrs Harmston to the Year 6 team and thank her for all the fantastic work she has done with 6W already. Our school focus for this week has been Random Acts of Kindness and the importance of being kind for no reason other than to make our school a better place. It has been lovely to see the children do nice things for others and I’ve really enjoyed hearing their stories about their Random Acts of Kindness. There’s also been a lot of talk about what children can to do at home to be kind so I hope you’ve had some random acts of kindness at home as well.
Excitingly, the Year 3 and 4 Girl’s football team qualified for the county finals, which were this week and incredibly they won the whole thing! You can see in the photos below how much it meant to them. What a fantastic achievement for the girls who played brilliantly and stayed calm under pressure. We are all so proud of them! Thank you so much to Mr Hankin and Mr Eager for coaching the team.

I’d like to share the wonderful news that Mrs Ward has had a baby boy called Kit. She’ll be bringing Kit in soon and we are all looking forward to meeting him.
The children in Year 3 have had an enjoyable first week back to school. They have particularly enjoyed spending some of their reading time outside in the sunshine!. The children have just started to explore their first class book for the Summer Term called ‘Window’ by Jeannie Baker. It is a picture book which shows the view from the same window where year by year there are significant changes. This book has inspired the children to write some fantastic descriptive poems in their English lessons about the first view from the window in the book. In Maths, the children have started to explore fractions and in Science, the children have begun their new topic ‘Plants’. They have named the main parts of a plant and also described the roles they each play. 
This week, the children across Year 4 have launched straight into their Spring Term topic- Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Scots.  They have already learnt about the different Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and how the Anglo-Saxons came to arrive in Britain.  After this, they looked at how some of the names of towns and cities throughout the UK have Anglo-Saxon roots.  Using atlas skills, they were then able to identify and annotate these places on a map.  In R.E., the children explored the different features of a church and had a go at drawing a floor plan of a Christian church and labelling it using what they had learnt.  Year 4 also took part in a Maths workshop, led by Explore Learning, where they used their knowledge of Roman numerals to solve money and time problems in a Roman investigation.
In this week in Year 5, it has been action packed! The children have started reading their new book Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and read a chapter about a child vapourising their teacher- I hope the children don’t get any ideas! In Maths, the children really enjoyed using a racing game on the IPads to practise rounding decimals. For their new Greek Topic, they have created front covers and looked at key events that occurred during the Ancient Greek period. In Science, the children have conducted experiments to investigate water resistance using plasticine. The children started swimming lessons this week and the swimming coaches and school staff were impressed by the effort the children made in their first swimming lesson. The children are working towards a swimming gala at the end of the Summer Term, which is certain to be an enjoyable and competitive occasion. 
Year 6 have delved straight into our Summer Term topic, The Ancient Egyptians. Creating and collaging an Egyptian Death Mask has been a real highlight. Researching Egyptian artefacts has given the children an insight into this Ancient civilisation where they enjoyed predicting what they thought the items may be and what they may be used for. Year 6have begun reading The Egypt Game and have met the strange character known as, The Professor. They have been writing mysterious character descriptions about him, including his antique store. In Science, the children thoroughly enjoyed watching a snippet of David Attenborough’s Galapagos Islands. They have begun imagining that they are Charles Darwin sailing on The Beagle towards the incredible Islands, writing a diary entry recounting his discoveries.  
Congratulations to 5E for winning the Attendance Cup this week.
Miss Daly