23 March 2018

This morning 6W saw off another fun-filled week with their fantastic class assembly all about the Victorians. From waltzing, to incredible writing and fantastic renditions of songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody, they had the audience gripped at every moment! They delivered their lines with great clarity and the fact that the whole assembly was in rhyme gave it that extra little wow factor.  We are all really proud of them and it was lovely to see so much support for them in the audience. Well done 6W and Mr Ware!
The children in Year 3 have had a fantastic week. On Roman Day, the children spent the morning taking part in different activities, including creating their own Roman Mosaic and preparing food and drink for their Roman Banquet in the afternoon. Before their Roman Banquet, the children created an invitation to their Roman Banquet which included the different foods that they were going to serve including the dishes they had prepared. The children enjoyed trying different Roman foods and feasting like the Roman did! 
This week Year 4 have been researching our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II and writing some fantastic informative biographies about her life as Queen.  In Science, the children completed a spot-the-feature treasure hunt in the school eco-garden and then used what they had found to create their own eco-garden designs.   During Music, the children used the work they have done on musical notation to have a go at playing ‘Greensleeves’ using an interactive keyboard app on the I-pads.  On Friday afternoon, the children had an opportunity to showcase their fantastic Topic homework to parents and they also designed a wedding cake for the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
This week in Year 5, the children have been busy preparing for their environmental campaigns, by researching, writing persuasive speeches, creating slogans, logos and posters to highlight a particular area of environmental concern and to ask people to change habits. After learning about the dangers of global warming last week, they got into groups and selected topic for their campaign which varied from seas and oceans, recycling, renewable energy to more environmentally friendly forms of transportation. Parents/ carers visited the classes today and listened to the well- argued speeches from each group and visited the stalls. Thank you for all the support, the children were proud showing their work to you.
Year 6 have been writing formal newspaper reports in English this week. They imagined they were in the Victorian times during 1833 when The Factory Act had just been passed by the Government to improve conditions for children working in factories. The children have thoroughly enjoyed writing their newspaper articles and writing their own quotes to include. They particularly loved using quotes from angry factory owners and getting into role to share their ideas!  To embed the children’s understanding in History, Year 6 used a range of primary and secondary sources to debate and learn about child labour through the use of QR codes. The children were extremely focused using the iPads to create an argument and think about different points of view at the time the act was passed. They analysed pictures, newspaper clippings, videos and quotes from factory owners and children themselves. In Science, the children developed their understanding of adaptation and what adaptive traits are and how this links to evolution.  
The travelling book fair visited Knaphill this week and the children thoroughly enjoyed looking at a range of new books, with some being inspired to purchase books after school. It was lovely to see the children’s excitement for reading and recommending books which they had read to others.
Thank you to all the parents who were able to come and look at the children’s Topic Books this afternoon. They are very proud of how hard they have worked and all the creative work they have produced. It was also Year 5’s environmental campaign and the children were so enthusiastic and showed off all they have learnt.
Our girls netball team went to a Netball Rally and despite the very cold weather, came fifth overall. They played brilliantly as a team and really did the school proud. There was also a girls’ football match this week against St Dunstans and the final score was 3-2 to Knaphill. The children played so well as a team and worked incredibly hard to secure the victory.
The PTA disco was last night which the children really enjoyed. Thank you so much to the PTA volunteers for running such a great event.
Well done to the children who were Star of the Week this week as well as those who got their work on the Wonder Wall. Congratulations to 4R for winning the Attendance Cup.


Miss Daly