16 March 2018

3W’s assembly this morning was fantastic and it was great so see the hall so packed with parents and families. The children showed the incredible amount they have learnt about the Romans, shared their writing and even sang a song about partying like a Roman! Thank you 3W and Mrs Ward for all their hard work to prepare the assembly. We were also fortunate to have 5E’s class assembly. Despite the snow calling the first one off, 5E persevered and kept learning their lines to deliver a fantastic assembly. The assembly showcased their writing, signing and learning- well done 5E and Mrs Evans for such a great assembly.
This week in Year 3, the children have been really busy with their learning. In English, the children have started to write an emotive diary entry from the point of view of a Roman Citizen who witnessed Mount Vesuvius erupting in Pompeii. In Maths, the children have been continuing to focus on measure including, calculating the perimeter of a range of shapes. In History, the children have written fantastic adverts for an Ancient Roman Spa that has opened. During this lesson, the children wrote about the key features of a Roman Spa, their purpose and focused on which features would appeal to different target audiences. 
This week, Year 4 have learnt about the gory world of Tudor crime, including comparing the different ways in which crimes were punished in the Tudor times and how they are punished in today’s society.  As part of Science week, children created some fantastic ‘bug hotels’ using bark, leaves and twigs and then used sugar cubes to tempt any creepy crawlies!  During Book Day on Thursday, children explored the presence of graffiti art in the book, ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne and then had a go at creating their own ‘tags’ using their names or initials.
The children in Year 5 really enjoyed the Maths day and they looked amazing in their varied book character outfits and thoroughly enjoyed the book swap between all 3 classes at the end of World Book Day.  They created their own terrible villains, inspired by those featured in some of David Walliam’s novels; then using figurative language, wrote character descriptions explaining how dreadful their villain was. 
In Science and Geography, the children have been learning more about what an earthquake is and thinking about the human impact of such disasters. The children created their own earthquake survival kits, selecting items carefully and explaining how they could help someone survive after an earthquake. They have also been learning about the impact of global warming on our planet and why different groups of people have different views on the problem.
It has been a jam packed week for Year Six. After recovering from the fun of Stone Farm and the amazing fairground rides that the children who stayed behind completed, Year Six went straight back into their learning. On Wednesday, all the children took part in Junior Citizenship day. This informative workshop taught the children about the importance of safety in various situations and how to be a model citizen. Some of their favourite activities included dialling 999 and reporting a given incident – some found this a challenge, however, they felt they learnt a valuable lesson. Stranger danger tested the children, as well as fire safety – the children learnt about the dangers of entering a burning room. Year Six produced amazing costumes for World Book Day; it was fantastic to see so much creativity.  In Science, the children enjoyed learning about inheritance.  We held some interesting discussions about genes and our DNA and why we look similar, but still different to our siblings.
We celebrated World book yesterday and the school was filled with an array of fantastic costumes. It was lovely to see the children enjoy the day so much and get to show off their outfits in assembly.
It was also Science week this week and the theme was exploration and discovery. The children enjoyed investigations around this topic and competing in Science quizzes.
For Maths day (which was on Monday) the children got to visit different countries all around the school and spend their fictional £50 on cultural items and experiences. It was lovely to see how much the children enjoyed spending their £50 on experiences and tourist items from different places around the world, as our school was turned into an airport! There was much collaborative learning as the children supported each other to convert from British pounds to a range of international currencies. This proved to be an enjoyable, challenging and cultural experience, with some children saying it was the most enjoyable school day ever!
We had football matches for Year 3 and 4 children yesterday. Both teams enjoyed the day and showed real perseverance. The girl’s team won the final and will compete for the County Cup which is very exciting! We also had a netball match against ISL and the team really did us proud showing great team spirit and determination. They won the match 23-1.
Well done to all the Stars of the week, those on our Wonder Wall and to 6F for winning the attendance cup.
Thanks to the PTA for organising the mufti day today to raise money for the school. Thank you also to the incredible parents who ran a half marathon to raise money for the school. It is so appreciated and will really make a difference.
Miss Daly