9 March 2018

The day started with a lovely assembly by 4C, who sung their hearts out with lots of catchy Tudor songs. They told us all about Henry the Eighth and his many wives. The children were so hardworking and enthusiastic during the assembly and I want to thank them for all their hard work. Thank you also to Mrs Constantinou for all her hard work in preparing it. It was great to see so many parents in the audience and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
During this week, we have had a visit from our Maths governor, Germaine, who did a learning walk to see Maths in Year 3. She was very impressed by the children’s learning in the lesson and how the children were developing verbal reasoning. There was also an assembly led by the Safety and Learning Councils all about how to stay safe in colder weather (which was very fitting with all the snow last week!)
This week in Year 3, the children have continued to write their tour guide focusing on using a range of interesting conjunctions. In Maths, the children have started their new topic ‘Measure’ where they have started to measure and draw lines to the nearest mm. They have also converted between cm and mm, applying these skills to a range of complex problems. In Science, the children have continued to learn about magnets, with a particular focus on the strengths of different magnets. In addition to this, in History, the children have started exploring what a Roman Villa would have looked like and have created a house advert persuading people to buy their Roman Villa. In Art, the children have started to design their own Roman Mosaics that they will be creating next week. 
In Year 4 this week, the children have continued to write some fantastic non-chronological reports about Tudor Life.  They then used what they had learnt to answer an interactive, multiple choice quiz on Kahoot.  During English lessons, the children wrote some fantastic informative, non-fiction reports about the plague, including what they had learnt about how the plague started, how it spread and suggested remedies.  In Science, the children explored living things and their habitats and suggested possible organisms that could live in a given habitat. The children had previously sketched the Bayeux Tapestry and towards the end of the week they painted it using watercolours
This week in Year 5, the children have been applying their knowledge of fractions to some complicated reasoning problems in Maths. Also, we were fortunate to have a visit from Explore Learning, who delivered a Maths problem solving lesson where the children had to follow recipes to calculate how much of different ingredients were needed, using their knowledge of fractions and decimals. The children enjoyed thinking about and using their Maths knowledge in a real life situation. In English the children have been researching, planning and writing biographies about either the world changing engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel or extremely successful Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. It has been lovely to see the enthusiasm from the children when learning about such influential British figures of past and present history. In Science the children enjoyed looking at the differences between the old and new style banknotes; then exploring which materials make the best, most durable banknotes by washing a range of materials to see which survived the best. The results showed it was clear why the Bank of England changed from using paper notes.
Lots of the Year 6 children went to Stone Farm this week and they were so excited to see lots of baby animals and name some of the little guinea pigs – the children were very attached to them. The children loved singing songs around the campfire, the number song being a particular favourite. On the second day, the sun was shining for us after a good night sleep (for some!) and we went outside to complete our farm jobs. After a delicious and hearty breakfast, we made our way to the National Aquarium. We completed an informative and brilliant tour of the aquarium. The children particularly enjoyed seeing the sharks and rays, as well as Samson a rather grumpy looking fish. After the tour, we took part in a brilliant work shop, learning all about evolution and inheritance. The third day involved more farm jobs and then an action-packed trip to the Eden Project. This day was all about the hot tropical climates and getting very sweaty in the biomes! Year 6 formed into tribes and learnt how to survive in the rainforest using plants. They thought about food, shelter and health. In the evening, we were the first school to try out the spooky bale maze which was enjoyed by all who took part. The children then took part in our traditional Year 6 talent show. From tap dancing to comedy sketches and singing, we had a brilliant time! The children who have stayed at school have had lots of fun creating their own theme parks, producing animations, playing a range of sports as well as decorating their own biscuits.
Well done to all the children who got Star of the Week (and those from last week who missed Star of the Week due to the snow!) and those had their work displayed on the Wonder Wall. Congratulations to 3B, 4R and 5A who all won the Attendance Cup this week.
Miss Daly