2 March 2018

What an interesting end to the week, I can’t believe how much snow has fallen already! I hope the children are making the most of their snow days. We will reschedule World Book day as well as 5E’s class assembly and we will let you know the dates.
In Year 3 this week, the children have had a lot of fun learning about Roald Dahl to celebrate World Book Day. They explored the different words he created and used in his books and even came up with some of their own! In addition to this, the children designed their own chocolate room inspired by the book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. They went on to use expanded noun phrases to describe their Chocolate Room, then used them in a persuasive TV advert, encouraging people to visit their Chocolate Room. In Maths, the children continued learning about statistics and created their own tally charts and bar charts showing the different coloured sweets in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. In Science, the children have continued learning about forces and took part in an investigation that explored which materials are magnetic and what they all have in common.

In Year 4 this week, the children have been solving book-week themed word problems involving unit and non-unit fractions.  During English lessons, they have been focusing on the book, ‘The Tunnel,’ by the author Anthony Browne and have had great fun creating storyboards about a mythical creature that could be encountered in a magical forest.  They then used their storyboards to start writing play scripts, focusing on the interactions which happen between the different characters in their story.  During R.E., the children thought about the different ways in which the feelings of love could be shown and created some fantastic, colourful posters using their ideas.  In Topic, the children have been exploring Tudor Daily life and wrote some informative non-chronological reports covering areas such as entertainment, food, education and houses.

This week, Year 5 have been celebrating Book Week, by reading, discussing and using as a writing stimulus, the hilarious David Walliam’s novel, Gangsta Granny. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting into character as Gangsta Granny and created their own ridiculous adventure for the mischievous Granny and her quick -thinking Grandson Ben.  In Maths, the children have been working collaboratively to solve challenging problems applying their knowledge of mixed and improper fractions; carefully adding and subtracting, finding common denominators and simplifying their answers. Topic work this week saw the children learning about how an earthquake’s seismic waves are measured and the difficulties of measuring from an epicentre. The children even made their own versions of seismographs and measured the severity of an earthquake.
Harry Potter has been the stimulus for writing in Year 6 this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching a clip from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and looked at the illustrated version of the book. The children have started writing descriptions of Harry and Hagrid entering Diagon Alley. Their descriptions have been extremely vivid so far! In Maths, the children have begun looking at measure. Using Kahoot, the children practised their understanding of basic conversions. As decoupage was popular in the Victorian times, the children have used Victorian style images to decoupage a paper plate. The children are very much looking forward to Stone Farm next week and the children staying behind have some very creative activities planned!
Miss Daly