23 February 2018

I hope the children enjoyed half term and are feeling refreshed. We have been so impressed with all of the children and the effort that they have put into their learning this week.The week started with an assembly about ‘Stranger Danger’. A policeman spoke to the children about how to keep themselves safe, leaving them with his important message of: ‘Yell, Run, Tell!’. As it was World Thinking Day yesterday, lots of children proudly wore their Cubs, Scouts, Guides and Brownie uniforms on Lord and Lady Baden Powell’s birthdays, which was really lovely to see.

This morning we saw 6F’s brilliant class assembly. The children delivered a really confident and fantastic performance all about ‘The Victorians’ and we all thoroughly enjoyed their rendition of a Victorian Classroom. Through performing a waltz, singing Victorian themed songs, dramatic sketches, street seller cries and reading out incredible action sequences that they had written, the children were able to share with us all of the fantastic learning that has taken place in their classroom this term. Thank you to Miss Fini and 6F for all their hard work in preparing their assembly. It was great to see so many parents in the audience and we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Year 3 have had a really exciting first week back after half term. The highlight of this week was their trip to Chertsey Museum where they learnt more about the Romans. The children had the opportunity to make their own clay pots and wax tablet. They even got to learn some Latin! It was a fantastic trip and the children were so well behaved. In English, they have started to write tour information guides about three famous Ancient Roman Landmarks, particularly focusing on conjunctions. In Maths, the children have continued to interpret data from pictograms and tables. They have also begun to explore their new Science Topic – Forces. They have learnt about pushes and pulls and how they are applied to an object to make them move or stop them from moving.

Year 4 have enjoyed starting their Tudor Dance unit this week and in Music, they have also explored how the lyrics and instruments used for the famous Tudor song ‘Greensleeves,’ has changed over time.  During Science, the children are beginning to look at living things and their habitats and spent time discussing what they already know about different organisms.  In English, the children wrote some fantastic (although somewhat gruesome!) descriptions of London during the time of the Black Death and in Art and DT lessons, the children explored the significance of the Tudor Rose and are now beginning to produce the templates in order to sew their own designs over the next few weeks.

In Year 5 this week, the children have been continuing to read the Iron Man and have been writing creatively in role, as both terrified humans witnessing a mysterious monster hurtling towards Earth and as the ‘Space Bat Angel Dragon’. The children enjoyed writing in character and are looking forward to finding out how and if, the Iron Man will defeat the monster. In Maths, the children have shown a lot of confidence adding and subtracting fractions with differing denominators and thinking about real life situations where they might need to calculate with fractions. The children have also enjoyed learning more about tectonic plates and the different layers that make up the Earth. They were fascinated to know that the plates are always moving and we compared them to a cracked egg shell. Using the app ‘Popplet’, the children created really impressive mind maps of all the knowledge they gained from different resources.

Year 6 have enjoyed reading more of ‘Street Child’ and meeting the terrifying character of Grimy Nick. They have taken on his role and written letters to Tip to persuade him to work for them. In Maths, the children have thoroughly immersed themselves in algebra. Revising long division was a huge success and the children consolidated their previous learning. In Art, the children have researched William Morris and created their own wallpaper designs based on his intricate and floral patterns. Researching jobs of Victorian children has been very interesting and the children have begun writing persuasive job adverts with a twist.

The week has been jam packed with sports. The Year 5 and 6 boys’ football team had matches against New Haw. Both teams played really well together and showed great determination and perseverance. They never gave up and showed fantastic sportsmanship. There was also a hockey tournament, which the children really enjoyed and showed strong team spirit throughout. We have been really impressed with all of our athletes this week, but particularly the fantastic attitudes that they have shown at all times as representatives of Knaphill School. We also wish our Girls’ football team good luck for their match against Bisley after school today.

Well done to the children who are Star of the week. Congratulations to 6F and 6W For winning this week’s attendance cup.

Miss Daly