9 February 2018

Our Knaphill newsletter is going out today – I hope you enjoy reading about all of the fantastic learning experiences that have gone on since Christmas. As well as the newsletter, there are some additional things that we would like to share with you.

This week has been ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ and each class has been taking part in some mindfulness activities to help understand how to deal with emotions and situations. The theme this year is ‘Being Ourselves’ and this is something that we have promoted through our activities and in assemblies. The children have shown some excellent teamwork in sport this week starting with the Year 5/6 Girls beating Brookwood 23-0 in a netball match! This is an amazing result with every player on the team showcasing their fantastic shooting skills and working hard for their team mates, whilst showing great sportsmanship. A few children in Year 3 attended a Multi-skills festival at Woking Leisure Centre today with activities including dodgeball, tennis, football and handball. We are proud to say that Knaphill were singled out as a perfect example of behaviour, determination and team work. All the children worked extremely hard and should sleep well tonight!

3B’s assembly all about the Romans was absolutely wonderful this morning. It was packed full of all of the fantastic learning that has taken place this half term. Their renditions of ‘Hey Romans’ and ‘Just like a Roman’ were brilliant. We were really impressed with how confidently and clearly all of the children spoke and how they managed to show all of their learning through such dramatic story telling! Their cross curricular writing of adverts for a Roman soldier were really impressive. Well done to 3B and Miss Burns for all your hard work.

The children in Year 3 have had a great end to the first half of the Spring term. They have written some fantastic character descriptions of Boudicca and have continued working on money problems in Maths, including giving change from different coins and notes. In addition to this, the children have created their own poems about sounds they could hear from a battle in Roman Britain. They will then be performing these after half term using a range of different instruments. The children had an exciting afternoon on Thursday, learning about ‘Mindfulness’. They took part in a range of activities including Meditation and Yoga, encouraging them to reflect and relax.

This week, the children in Year 4 have enjoyed designing royal menus for the wedding breakfast of Prince Harry and Meghan using Microsoft Publisher.  In PSHE, the children have been exploring the process of law making in the UK and have written their own emails to Jonathan Lord, the local MP, giving their views on social media.  During English lessons, the children have completed poems about a raven and have enjoyed performing them to the rest of the class.  On Thursday, as part of Children’s Mental Health Week, the children across Year 4 enjoyed an afternoon of yoga, mindfulness colouring and generating positive ‘well-being mantras.’  On the last day of half term, the children took part in Kings & Queens Day and participated in a Tudor banquet, Tudor apothecary, designed knot gardens and learnt the art of calligraphy.  The children had great fun and learnt lots about all different aspects of Tudor Life.

This week in Year 5, the children wrote in character as James Cameron and explained his perilous journey to the depths of the Mariana Trench in a submarine. They thoroughly enjoyed their classrooms being turned into submarines and wrote thoughtful diary accounts of the terrifying yet exciting journey. In Maths, the children have shown an excellent grasp of converting between improper and mixed fractions, using a variety of methods and have been able to think about different real life contexts that are used. In Science, Year 5 have been imagining they are base jumpers, relying on air resistance to guide them safely to Earth, as their air suits provide no match for the pull of gravity! The highlight of the week has been the Great Debate. The children took on the role of different characters from The Iron Man and took part in a town meeting, presenting arguments for and against the Iron Man being destroyed by the military. It was lovely to see the excitement and enthusiasm of the children as they kept in role, presenting arguments which showed a good understanding of the text.

Year 6 have had another very busy week.  In English, the children have been writing thrilling, exciting and gripping action sequences about Jim Jarvis escaping the workhouse.  It has been wonderful to read their work, seeing what dangers they have created and how clear and clever their action writing has been.  We have also been looking at algebra this week in Maths.  It has certainly been challenging and the children have worked exceptionally hard on this area.  Yesterday was a lovely, relaxing day in Year 6.  Most of the children had a lovely morning relaxing with some Harry Potter themed yoga before competing some mindfulness colouring as a part of our mindfulness morning.  Those not involved however, were busy playing some touch rugby at Winston Secondary School.   They performed incredibly well coming 2nd overall and have learnt some excellent rugby skills.

Congratulations to our Wonder Wall winners and to the Stars of the week.

Well done to 3B and 6F for winning the attendance cup with an attendance of 100%!

Have a wonderful half term everyone!

Miss Daly