2 February 2018

The day began with an all singing and all dancing performance from 4R which put a smile on all of our faces. I particularly enjoyed the rap and it was very clear that 4R enjoyed performing it! Thank you 4R and Miss Ring for all the hard work that you put into preparing your fantastic assembly. It was wonderful to see so many parents and families in the audience.
The children have been really busy in Year 3 this week. They have learnt more about Boudicca, someone who tried to stand up to the Romans whenthey wanted to invade her tribe. In English, the children have started to use a range of interesting fronted adverbials to describe Boudicca’s appearance and personality. In Maths, the children have continued to solve a range of problems involving money. In Science this week, the children explored the different nutrients humans need for a healthy diet and why these nutrients are needed for a healthy lifestyle. The children continued to write their diary entries from the point of view of a Roman Soldier in History this week and have also started to explore Boudicca in more detail in an exciting drama lesson. As well as this, the children have started to create and paint their own Roman Shields! The teachers in Year 3 have also been really impressed with the fantastic homework that has been coming in today including a replica of a Colosseum made out of Custard Cream biscuits. Well done to all the children in Year 3!
Year 4 have been working hard this week across all curriculum areas.  In Science, they explored the water cycle and learnt key terms such as condensation, evaporation and precipitation.  They then enjoyed listening to and learning a song about the water cycle, using all the facts they had learnt.  During P.E. this week, the children planned a group sequence involving different types of roll, including forward, backward and straddle rolls.  During Art, the children explored the Bayeux Tapestry as an art source and began to sketch their own section of the tapestry, ready to be assembled as a ‘class-sized’ replica of the tapestry in its entirety after half term.  During Geography, the children enjoyed learning about co-ordinates and used their knowledge to plot key locations that were involved in the Battle of Bosworth.
This week in Year 5, the children thoroughly enjoyed their Science lessons, investigating how the larger the surface area of a parachute, the greater the amount of air resistance there is. The children made different sized parachutes and tested them from the top of the climbing frame.
In English the children have been writing creative short stories about a lonely lighthouse keeper, who is faced with a terrible catastrophe when the light stops working, as a ship is heading towards the clifftop village. The children used their excellent knowledge of figurative language to produce some writing of an extremely high standard. In Maths the children have been learning different methods to compare fractions and to solve some complex problems. They worked collaboratively to explain their reasoning through a variety of diagrams and were able to explain why a method was more useful than another, for different problems.   
In topic work, we have just begun exploring the Mariana Trench, getting into role as James Cameron, exploring the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean- who knows what we will find there next week!
Year 6 have worked incredibly hard this week. English has involved finishing off a very impressive piece of story writing, each and every story has been a pleasure to read. The children have already started to plan their sequences, with lots of amazing ideas.  Maths this week has been focused on percentages.  The children have looked at finding the percentage of a number as well as increasing and decreasing numbers by percentages.  This is culminating in a wonderful problem solving activity involving planning a trip to London for Mr Alderton, who knew he loved museums so much?  In Topic this week, we have explored a wide range of interesting facts about Victorian artefacts and carried out an experiment into how shadows are affected by the position of a light source. The children have also learnt the Waltz in PE which they really enjoyed.
It was the PTA film night for Years 3 and 4 yesterday. They really enjoyed watching The Secret Life of Pets and it was great that so many came along to the night. Thank you to all the PTA helpers for running the event.
Well done to all the children who were star of the week and to those whose work is displayed on the Wonder Wall. Congratulations to 3B for winning the attendance cup this week.
Miss Daly