26 January 2018

It’s now the end of another week- time is really flying!
A parent survey has been sent via Parent mail to you today. We’d really appreciate you taking the time to fill it in as we always keen to become even better as a school. Your feedback is valuable to us. The survey can be accessed here
5L started out today with a fantastic assembly all about their topic Active Planet. I particularly enjoyed watching the dance video and was very impressed with the routine. The children showed their brilliant writing, performed a great rendition of Pompeii and shared the many things that they have already learnt in their topic. Thank you Miss Law and 5L for all the hard work you have put into your assembly.
It has been another busy week in Year 3! The children have worked really hard to write fantastic descriptive stories in English about a Lighthouse. They have all tried to include all of their learning including fronted adverbials, 2a sentences and conjunctions. In Maths, the children have now come to the end of multiplication and division and have now begun learning about the value of different coins and notes and solving a range of problems involving money. In Science, the children have learnt about the different muscles in the body including cardiac muscle, smooth muscle and skeletal muscle. They have identified the differences between these muscles and how skeletal muscles work. Also, in History, the children have continued to learn about Roman Soldiers and have started to write diary entries from the point of view of a Roman Soldier in Roman Britain, describing the tasks they would have had to complete day to day and how this would have made them feel. 
In Year 4 English this week, the children have been writing some dramatic and action-packed stories about a lighthouse which breaks down in the middle of the storm.  During Science lessons, the children have continued to explore the different states of matter including thinking about the experiences of freezing and melting from the perspective of an ice cube! The focus in Foundation lessons this week has been ‘Castles,’ and the children have enjoyed determining which sites are most suitable for building a castle as well as exploring the features of a motte and bailey castle.  In PSHE, the children have discussed whether voting is the best way of making decisions as well as looking at how important decisions regarding our country are made.
In Maths this week, Year 5 children have been working really hard to improve their understanding of equivalent fractions and to compare fractions. They’ve used a variety of methods including using bar modelling, fraction walls and recalling their knowledge of multiples. In English, the children have written news reports about the mysterious events taking place in a village from the novel ‘The Iron Man’. They showed an excellent understanding of the features of a news report. We have also began writing descriptive short stories, about a lonely lighthouse keeper, who when faced with a difficult situation, realised the importance of friendship. Our week ended with a fabulous class assembly from 5L, who thoroughly enjoyed presenting their learning about our active planet, featuring a street dance to the song ‘Earthquake’ -which went down a storm.  
Year 6 have enjoyed continuing to learn the waltz with a partner and focus on the box step. They have enjoyed adding in a rise and fall and they have started to think about adding in a turn. Using the iPads, the children have researched Queen Victoria, finding out lots of interesting information about her childhood, her reign and legacy. They have begun to write factual leaflets containing the best pieces of information using their English skills. Science has been particularly fascinating as the children learnt how we see colour. They had lots of brilliant questions which led to some excellent discussions with “Is everything in the world is colourless?” being a point of focus. English has been a fun challenge this week, as the children have worked hard on a short story. Some children enjoyed started with a prologue and changing person to add an extra twist to their story. The teachers are really looking forward to reading their wonderful stories. 

Thank you so much to the PTA for running a Year 5 and 6 Movie Night yesterday. The children really enjoyed it so thank you. The Year 3 and 4 Movie Night is next Thursday.

Well done to all the stars of the week, those children who got their work on the wonder wall and to 3W and 5E for winning the attendance cup.
Miss Daly