15 December 2017

We are all feeling in a very festive spirit after Christmas jumper day today. There have been so many exciting Christmas jumpers on show today and it’s been a great way to raise money for Save the Children. Thank you to all who contributed to this worthy cause. Many enjoyed the Woking Panto this week and The Knaphill Federation of Schools even got a shout out from the Woking panto from none other than Shane Ritchie.

This week has been an exciting week for Year 3. Their class elves (Ivy, Jingles and Figgy) have been missing home in the North Pole. Therefore, the children decided to write a setting description which described the toy factory and the North Pole to make their class elf feel better. The children did a great job at this and wrote some fantastic pieces of writing. In Geography this week, the children worked in groups to decide which place would be the best place to settle and build their home if they were living in the Iron Age. They also learnt about the different reasons Stonehenge might have been built and which reason they think was the most likely and why. The children hope you enjoyed their Stone Age people. They worked really hard on their sewing skills on DT day this week to create a Stone Age outfit. 

Year 4 started this week with a fantastic production of ‘Children around the World’, at the Church which helped to get everyone in the Christmas spirit! During the rest of the week, children explored the properties of effective conductors and insulators as well as learning how to build circuits using different electrical components.  On Friday afternoon, the children enjoyed taking part in ‘Enrichment Afternoon’ where they spent the afternoon with children from a range of classes, taking part in a range of exciting cross-curricular events such as designing eco-posters, playing team games and creating artwork for the library.

This week, Year 5 have had a lot of fun, learning creatively. In groups, they have written the ending to our class novel ‘The Jupiter Chronicles.’ This involved discussing and sharing a range of possible endings linked to their existing knowledge of the text. They then combined their ideas to formulate a suitable ending. Every member of the group was involved in writing the story’s conclusion applying their creativity, grammatical knowledge and handwriting skills which they have learnt this term. In Maths, the children have started to learn about short division. They have linked their knowledge of times tables to dividing and have used practical resources such as counters to support and show their understanding of what sharing a dividend means. Their DT work, creating a moving toy using cams, has been really exciting. The children have produced work of an extremely high standard and developed their design and practical skills as well as having a lot of enjoyment. 

In Year 6, the children have enjoyed doing some paired writing this week where they have written some fantastic descriptions of ‘Christmas Town’ from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. They thoroughly enjoyed watching the clip and listening to the “What’s this?” song.  The children evaluated their apple crumbles this week and finished off their own branding and packaging ideas – they have produced some excellent Christmas editions! Learning about coordinates in Maths has also been a real success and they worked hard to problem solve and work out missing coordinates. 

The children all took part in an Enrichment afternoon today. There were a range of exciting activities on offer from creating their own animations, creating Christmas songs using percussion to making things for our school library. The children had a fantastic time and it was lovely to hear in assembly what they all got up to.

The Year 3 and 4 Christmas production on Tuesday was a delight to watch. The children performed confidently and sang beautifully (especially for the hallelujahs!). It was evident how hard they had all worked, learning lines and so many lyrics in a range of different languages. The children truly shone during the performances and should be very proud of themselves. A big thank you to the wonderful school staff who worked tirelessly to put together such a great performance.

The children are bringing home topic books today and I really hope you enjoy looking at all their work. Please write a comment in the back of the book and send them back on Monday. We are also sending home termly reports today to keep your informed of your child’s progress and next steps.

I want to announce the exciting news that Mrs Ward is expecting a baby in April. She will be teaching 3W, alongside Mrs Barrett until the end of the Spring term. In the summer term, Mrs Barrett will continue to teach 3W, alongside Mrs Harmston, an experienced Knaphill teacher. I am sure you will all join me in congratulating Mrs Ward on this wonderful news.

Congratulations to all the Stars of the week and those children whose work is on the Wonder Wall. Well done to 5L for winning the attendance cup.


Miss Daly