8 December 2017

After the wonderful Christmas Fair on Saturday, we are all feeling very festive! Thank you so much to all the PTA and all the parents who volunteered and helped run the event, it was really appreciated. The children have been busy preparing for their Christmas Productions by learning their lines and song lyrics. They also watched a brilliant performance by the Globe Theatre.

6LW’s class assembly was fantastic to watch, they told us all about the suffragettes, performed songs confidently, showed us their incredible writing and entertained us thoroughly! Thank you Miss Wilson and 6LW for all your hard work- we will really enjoyed watching your assembly. Thanks to all the parents and family who came to watch the assembly.

Year 3 have had a very exciting week this week! They have been busy rehearsing for their Christmas Production. The children are really looking forward to performing their play ‘Children of the World’ to you on Tuesday 12th December at 1.15pm and 6.30pm.  In English, the children have continued to write their persuasive speeches and have focused on possessive apostrophes. In Maths, the children explored how doubling can help them multiply by 4 and 8. The children have also had a visit from three naughty elves called Ivy, Jingle and Figgy. The children are really forward to seeing what mischief they get up to over the next couple of weeks leading up to Christmas. 

Year 4 have been working hard this week, rehearsing scenes and songs for the Christmas production.  In English, the children have been writing character descriptions about one of the characters in the ‘Butterfly Lion,’ and also had great fun writing ‘silly sentences,’ using their knowledge of different word classes that they have been building on throughout the week.  In Maths, the children have been exploring place value and have created their own place value slides to learn how to multiply numbers by 10, 100 and 1000.

In Year 5 this week, the children have enjoyed editing and improving their persuasive letters to the evil Emperor Phobos imploring him to release them from prison. They used the computers to type up and print off the final versions of their work. In Maths lessons, they have continued to work on long multiplication using the Ipads to explore a bar modelling website to support their learning of this topic. They also helped NASA to work out the costs of equipping two space shuttles with enough food for a forthcoming journey to the moon. Once again, we have been really impressed at the quality of the project work that has been coming in to school. We have all been enjoying watching their Power Point presentations and video clips and playing the games that they have made. The children are clearly working very hard at home. Many thanks to all the parents for supporting them.

Year 6 have enjoyed working in groups this week. They loved watching some clips of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and unpicking and describing ‘Halloween Town’ and ‘Christmas Town’. Using their drama skills, in groups of four, the children created a drama sketch of ‘Christmas Town’ and became characters such as Jack Skellington.  They worked incredibly well in their groups and came up with some fantastic performances.  The children are very much looking forward to beginning their pieces of writing on ‘Christmas Town’ next week.  We enjoyed some Christmas Maths this week; the children had to find Mathematical questions around the classroom and go round in pairs to complete as many as possible in the time limit.  They reasoned extremely well with their partners and had some useful discussions.   

Well done to all the Stars of the week and those who have their work displayed on the Wonder Wall. Congratulations to 4R for winning the attendance cup this week.


Miss Daly