1 December 2017

3W’s assembly was fantastic and I enjoyed watching them present a range of TV shows- we’ve definitely got some stars in the making! 3W performed their lines and sung their song so confidently which was a real achievement for their first ever class assembly! Thank you to Mrs Ward and 3W for all their hard work preparing their assembly. It was great to see so many parents in the audience.

During English this week, the children in Year 3 have continued to look at the book ‘Stone Age Boy’. The book is about a modern day boy, who goes back in time and ends up in the Stone Age, meeting new friends and finding out about the lives of Stone Age people. The children have started to plan and write their own persuasive speeches from the point of view of a Stone Age villager trying to persuade his family and friends to let the young boy stay in their village. In Maths, the children have continued working on multiplication, particularly focusing on doubling and how this can help them multiply more challenging numbers. For example, multiplying by 4 or 8. The children were using doubling to help Max, the boy from their class book, improve the Stone Age village with modern day flooring. They were trying to find the cheapest price for different materials from grass to timber. In History, the children have learnt about Stone Age tools and compared them to modern day tools.

On Wednesday, Year 4 hosted a very successful event in the Hall to raise money for the charity, Water Aid.  Children from across the year group planned their own exciting, fundraising activities, including tombolas, raffles and cake sales and enjoyed having the opportunity to invite parents in to visit their stalls.  During English lessons, the children across Year 4 have been developing their characterisation skills, describing the character, Basher Beaumont from their book, ‘The Butterfly Lion.’  In French, children have continued to embed their learning about parts of the body and in Art, they have started to complete the finishing touches to their African masks.

In Year 5 this week, the children have really enjoyed writing persuasive letters in the context of our book, ‘The Jupiter Chronicles’. They particularly enjoyed discussing and debating different topics in preparation for this work. The idea was that they should aim to be as persuasive as possible in their arguments and they managed this admirably! In Maths lessons, they have explored different methods to multiply including written and mental methods. In DT they have begun to think about creating their designs for CAMS toys. 

Year 6 have been working extremely hard in English this week to get into character and they have produced some thought provoking pieces of writing. The children imagined that they were at the Epsom Derby on the 4th June 1913 and they were attending the event when they were a child alongside their father. Their pieces of writing have been fantastic and they have used punctuation and sentence structure to create effect and bring out their emotions. The real highlight of the week has been the children making their own apple crumbles. Despite finding it a challenge to create a crumble topping that did not turn into dough, all of the crumbles turned out to be a huge success and the children thoroughly enjoyed the whole process from peeling and cutting the apples, to weighing out the flour and the sugar.  Well done to all of the children in Year 6 for their hard work. 

The Netball match at Goldsworth School this week was nail biting. The girls played really well as a team and managed to maintain their lead and win with a final score of 8-7. Well done girls!

A Tante Marie event was held last Saturday allowing the children to experience a working kitchen where they baked brownies and made pizza from scratch. The children really enjoyed it.

We had a Rock Steady concert on Monday where the children got to show us all they have learnt this term. It was great to see so many parents who could come along to it and thanks for all the hard work that the children and Luke put into the concert. We’ve definitely got some rock stars in the making!

Well done to all the Stars of the week and for those whose work is proudly displayed on the Wonder Wall. Well done to 4J for winning the attendance cup this week.

Miss Daly