24 November 2017

I really enjoyed watching 4J’s assembly today which was packed full of all the learning they have done in their African topic. I know Mrs Jordan is so proud of her class which is why she chose the song ‘Proud’ in the assembly. Thank you 4J and Mrs Jordan for all your hard work preparing for your assembly.

The children in Year 3 have had a fantastic week this week! The children particularly enjoyed Stone Age Day on Thursday. They dressed up in amazing Stone Age outfits. They began the day by meeting a Stone Age man who taught them about life in the Stone Age and they even tried to hunt a Woolly Mammoth! They looked at real life tools from the Stone Age and built their own models of Stonehenge. Take a look at the gallery section on the school website to see some of the photos! During English this week, the children in Year 3 have started to look at the book ‘Stone Age Boy’. The book is about a modern day boy, who goes back in time and ends up in the Stone Age, meeting new friends and finding out about the lives of Stone Age people. In Maths, the children have continued working on multiplication and division, particularly focusing on the 4 x tables. 

This week, Year 4 have been exploring persuasive text types. They have written their own persuasive speeches, explaining the importance of the charity, Water Aid, and what we can do to raise money to help those without access to clean water.  During Topic lessons, children have also started planning their activities for their Water Aid event next Wednesday and are very excited about hosting this event.  In Music, children have continued to explore the band, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and have written a critic’s review about one of their songs.

In Year 5 this week, the children have enjoyed imagining and writing all about new species of animals which are cross -breeds of three completely diverse animals. They thought carefully about the appearance of these strange creatures, their habitats, diet, how they survive and whether or not they would be a danger to humans. They have written up their fantastic ideas presenting them as non-chronological reports. In Topic, they have been learning all about the constellations which create beautiful patterns of stars across the night sky. They have learnt the names of many of them and thought about how the night sky can be used as a compass or a map for navigation purposes. In Maths lessons they have been consolidating their knowledge of multiplication using a formal written method.

In Year 6, the children have used their drama skills and freeze frames to come up with fantastic vivid descriptions of the London Underground. As part of our DT project looking at British foods, Year 6 (and the teachers!) thoroughly enjoyed taste testing a variety of crumbles, including apple, plum and cherry. They were a huge success and went down well, the favourites being the Tesco Apple Crumble and the Tesco Cherry and Plum Crumble. In Science, the children have been looking at microorganisms and have planned to do a mould investigation with slices of bread. They want to find out how heat or exposure to sunlight affects the growth of mould.

The teachers ran English and Maths workshops this week to provide parents with more information about how Maths and English objectives are taught across the school. The information from both workshops have been put on the school website and can be found on each Year groups’ curriculum page.

Thank you to the Eco Council for leading a great assembly this week all about saving energy during Switch off Fortnight.

This week has been a really exciting one for our Gifted and Talented children. Last week, four of our Year 6 able mathematicians took part in the annual National Young Mathematicians’ Award, and I am thrilled to say they sailed through to the next round! I am sure you will join me in wishing Firas (6F), Oliver (6LW), Catrin (6W) and Emma. F (6LW) good luck in the Regional Finals which take place next week. This week, some of our Year 6 children took part in an Able Writers’ Day. The children spent the day with author Nick Cook. Hannah (6W) also won a piece of his original framed artwork for writing a fantastic story on the day!

We will be saying goodbye to Mrs Grace who is sadly leaving us at Christmas to take up a role as Deputy Head at another school. We wish her all the best in this role; they are lucky to have her! We have recruited a fantastic teacher to teach 5G from January and look forward to welcoming Mrs Evans to our School. Miss Law will be Year 5 leader from January.

Well done to all the children who are achieved Star of the Week or who got their work on the Wonder Wall. Congratulations to 5A who won the Attendance Cup this week.

Miss Daly