17 November 2017

What a way to finish a week with 5A’s fantastic class assembly. It was jam packed with all that the children had learnt about Space and they have clearly loved this topic. There was great writing, some classic dance moves, singing and acting- and let’s not forget a guest appearance from Paul Hollywood! Thank you Mr Alderton and 5A for all of your hard work.

Thank you for all your donations for the Christmas Fair on Mufti day today. I know the children will really enjoy wearing their own clothes and we really value all the contributions that were made.

It’s been Anti-bullying week this week and the children (and staff!) enjoyed wearing odd socks on Tuesday to celebrate being “all different but all equal.” The children have also had the opportunity to take part on scavenger hunts and work with different children across the school.

In English this week, the children in Year 3 have written an informative non-chronological report about a Stone Age animal of their choice. In Maths, the children have begun working on multiplication and division, particularly focusing on the 3 x tables. The children have solved a range of one and two step word problems using their knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 3. They have also continued to learn about the different types of rocks and how they are formed in Science, focusing on igneous and metamorphic rocks. In Geography, the children have looked at famous Stone Age and Iron Age sites around the UK and have identified the county they are in and have described their location using geographical language. In addition to this, for anti-bullying week, the children wrote letters to a pen pal who is being bullied with lots of important advice. They also looked at different scenarios that take place day to day and decided whether they think bullying is taking place and why. 

This week, Year 4 have enjoyed taking part in a range of different activities around anti-bullying week.  They started the week by writing Agony Aunt responses, giving advice to children who were being bullied at school and have also designed their own anti-bullying superhero!  In Science, the children have been exploring electrical appliances and categorising different items based on whether they use mains electricity or are battery powered.  During Computing lessons, children have been using search engines to find answers to a digital Cyberhunt. In English, the children have been focusing on using homophones accurately and developing their inference skills. In Maths, the children have been using formal written subtraction to solve a range of problems.

In Year 5 this week, the children investigated the impact of changing one variable (the temperature of water) on the solubility of sugar. They independently planned their own experiments, carried them out and then reflected upon how fair a test it was. This led them to think about how they could make their tests more scientific in order to gain more accurate results in future. 
During PSHE, we talked a lot about the problem of bullying and thought about ways to resolve it. In the character of agony aunts and uncles, the children wrote some extremely thoughtful letters. In RE, using Bibles, they looked up the prophesies in Isaiah about the coming of Jesus in the Old Testament and compared them with His coming in Matthew’s Gospel in the New Testament. 

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed a whole year group drama lesson based on the London Underground. Creating freeze frames and experiencing the full Underground experience was a huge success, which has led to amazing pieces of creative writing! Interesting discussions were had based on whether it was the Suffragettes or World War I that brought about the vote for women.  Creating sorting keys in Science proved to be a challenge for Year 6 – however, in the end, they persevered and created sorting keys for mini beasts. 

Well done to all of the Stars of the week and those who got their work on the Wonder Wall. Well done to 5L for winning the attendance cup again this week.

Despite a loss in the football match against Pirbright yesterday, the Year 6 boys played well as a team. They showed great resilience and gave 100% effort to the match. Well done boys!

Miss Daly