10 November 2017

Weekly update:

6W performed a very creative Star Trek themed assembly about London today. We were impressed by their writing and their performance of Sweet Home London City. Thank you 6W and Mr Ware for all your hard work to prepare the assembly.

Year 3 have been very busy this week and they have learnt a lot more about the Stone Age, in particular Stone Age animals and their homes. In English, they have been planning a non-chronological report about a Stone Age animal of their choice. In Maths, the children have been doing more work on addition and subtraction and applying these skills to a range of problems, including using the inverse to solve missing box calculations. In Computing, the children have begun to research and create their own wanted posters for either a Sabre Tooth Tiger or a Woolly Mammoth using Microsoft Word. The children have also learnt how houses have changed over time and have created a leaflet describing the features of an Iron Age roundhouse – just like the ones they saw at Butser Ancient Farm!

Year 4 started their week with African Dress Up Day in which they explored the importance of Fair trade (as well as sampling some Fairtrade chocolate!).  They also designed their own Fairtrade chocolate bar wrappers and decided on catchy names and delicious ingredients that they would like to include.  Having designed their African masks last week, the children have now started to papier mache their mask in preparation to paint and add different design features.  During Science lessons, the children have been exploring electrical safety and how to stay safe when using electrical appliances both at school and at home.  In Music, they have continued to explore the band, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and have designed artwork for a CD cover based on what they have learnt.

In Year 5 this week, the children have been writing exciting descriptions of the evil Doomslayers (the robotic creatures) from our class book – ‘The Jupiter Chronicles.’ In Science, they have been investigating soluble and insoluble materials and planning their own experiments which they will carry out in next week’s lesson. In Art, the children were accurately matching and blending colours to re-create art work of Peter Thorpe. The children had the challenge of being given part of a picture and they had to try and recreate in groups. They were also mind-mapping events of Jesus’ early adult life, death and resurrection in R.E. lessons.

Year 6 have begun writing emotive speeches in English this week – they have really been getting into role being ‘Aunt Gloria’ and writing a plea to find Salim. The children have been working hard to learn fractions in Maths. Despite being a challenge for some, they have worked incredibly well and showed great resilience to persevere to solve fraction problems. The children are really looking forward to learning about the Suffragette movement and considering the impact this has had on our lives today. They have already found out the Suffragette’s values and how the movement began.

We have had the Book Fair at school this week and it’s been lovely to see so many children visiting it. Thank you for buying books from the Fair, it has meant that we have been given £406 to spend on books to benefit the children which is fantastic!

We’ve had some fantastic Topic homeworks this week- so thanks for all the hard work that was put into creating them.

As Remembrance Day is tomorrow, we have had an assembly and reflection time about remembrance. 6 children are attending a Remembrance Service in Knaphill tomorrow to read their Remembrance poems.

The children have been told the exciting news that Mrs Sebo has had a baby boy called Raife and I wanted to pass this news onto any parents who hadn’t heard. Both Mrs Sebo and Raife are doing well and we look forward to meeting him soon.

Well done to all the children who are achieved Star of the Week or who got their work on the Wonder Wall. Congratulations to 6F who won the Attendance Cup this week.

Miss Daly