3 November 2017

In English this week, Year 3 have written fantastic stories about an explorer who comes across a woolly mammoth in a block of ice. The main focus for this story was fronted adverbials and the children have really impressed their teachers with how great their stories are! In Maths, the children have continued to practise their times tables and have been developing their estimating skills to check the accuracy of their answers, which is a really big focus for them this term! In Geography, the children learnt how settlements have changed from the Paleolithic Era to the Iron Age. Next week, the children will be having a closer look at the different homes they lived in during these times and what their lifestyles were like. In RE, the children are already thinking about Christmas and they are learning all about the Christmas story.

Year 4 have been writing a letter of complaint regarding a disastrous meal which they have experienced in a restaurant (the Dive in Diner).  In Geography, the children have been exploring the effects of tourism and evaluating the positive and negative aspects of tourism in Africa.  In Science, children have learnt about how to read and construct food chains as well as classifying animals according to their diet.  In Art, children have been learning about different African tribal masks in preparation to make their own masks during Africa Dress Up Day on Monday.

Year 5 have had an amazing and fun-filled week. The children began their new Science topic ‘properties and changes of materials’ and in History, they explored the Moon Landings which the children really enjoyed learning about. They watched actual footage of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon and listened to Neil Armstrong’s immortal words, ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’ On Thursday, it was Space Day with a visit from the space dome planetarium. Inside the planetarium, the children learnt all about the phases of the moon, the seasons and the constellations. In teams, they made space suits out of recyclable materials and they tasted the kind of food that is eaten by astronauts on space missions. All the children looked fabulous in their space themed costumes. Well done to everyone!

In English, the Year 6 children have been writing diary entries pretending that they are ‘Kat’ from their key text, ‘The London Eye Mystery’.  They have come up with some interesting ideas and they have really got into role.  Researching and looking at the River Thames was a highlight – the children enjoyed locating famous London landmarks and thinking about why they are all located in close proximity.  The children were left on the edge of their seat over the holidays as they had taken part in their extremely exciting Political Party afternoon on the last Friday before half term. Thank you to all of the families and parents who attended – it was a very successful event and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They have been waiting to find out who managed to receive the most votes and win their beneficial item for the classroom.  In 6F, the winners were ‘The Whizz Kids’ who were campaigning for Science equipment.  In 6LW, the winners were the ‘The 6 who Take it Seriously’ who were campaigning for a class hamster and in 6W the winners were ‘The Exotic and Co’ who were campaigning for a small, indoor greenhouse. Well done to our winners and to all of the children, as they fully embraced the challenge and came up with a variety of fantastic campaigns. 

We all really enjoyed watching 3C’s class assembly. It was their first class assembly and they rose to the challenge of speaking in front of the whole school really well! The assembly was packed with catchy songs, my favourite being ‘Stone’, lots of interesting information and some very impressive writing. Thank you to 3C and Miss Caglia for all their hard work in getting their assembly ready. It was lovely to see so many parents and family members at the assembly and I’m sure they enjoyed it as much as I did.

Well done to all the children who achieved Star of the Week and those who had their work displayed on the Wonder Wall.

Well done to 5L who achieved 100% attendance.

Miss Daly