6 October 2017

We’ve had another action packed week at Knaphill School! There has been a lot of preparation for our Harvest Assembly which will be performed to Year 3 and 4 parents at 9.00am and to Year 5 and 6 parents at 2.15pm on Friday 13th October.

We really enjoyed 5G’s class assembly which was all about Space and they shared lots of information about what they have learnt so far in their topic. They’ve become Space experts! We were really impressed with their fantastic writing, singing, Scientific knowledge and their rapping skills. Thank you Mrs Grace and 5G for such a slick and enjoyable assembly. Thank you also to all the parents and families who came to watch it.

The girl’s football team have their first tournament today and we wish them all the best. We know they’ll do us proud.

This week in Year 3, we have been learning about descriptive vocabulary and how to use it to describe a character. We have looked at the hardness of different rocks and thought about which would make the best Stone Age tool and why. As well as this, we have investigated the permeability of different rocks and which type of rock would be most appropriate for a cave to shelter a Stone Age family from the rain. The children had some amazing ideas about this. In computing, we have worked on developing our touch typing skills and in History and Geography we have continued to learn about what happened to Doggerland after the Ice Age. 

Year 4 have been exploring famous African folklores- in particular the story of Anansi the trickster.  They have also begun to plan their own folklore based on this story using story-boarding techniques.  In Science, children have been investigating the effects that different liquids have on our teeth and have set up an experiment to monitor their findings.  During Music lessons, children have been exploring graphic scores and have used symbols and images to represent the sounds of a rainforest.  Throughout the week, children have also produced some fantastic setting and character descriptions about a mysterious traveller who sails into the eye of a furious storm.

In Year 5 this week, the children have been focusing on their mental Maths skills. They have had a lot of fun playing the Countdown Numbers Game, in Maths lessons, using their knowledge of all four operations to reach the target number. It was also great to listen to their reasoning as they explained their methods. In Science, they learnt all about how the Earth spins on its axis to create night and day and how it orbits the sun taking a whole year to do so. In English, they’ve been using all their senses to write character and setting descriptions.

Year Six have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about the history of the Olympic Park.  The children have found out about the various artefacts that were discovered at the site before the stadium was built.  In Art, the children have continued to learn new techniques for drawing people in action where they have finished off a picture of a famous athlete.  Bikeability has been extremely enjoyable for those children taking part this week.  The rest of the children are looking forward to beginning their training next week!

Well done to 3B for winning the attendance cup and to all who were awarded Star of the Week and the Wonder Wall.

Miss Daly