29 September 2017

My last post before my maternity leave starts and it’s been a lovely last day starting off with a fantastic assembly from 6F. They really impressed us with everything they have already learnt about London and we really enjoyed all their facts about the Olympics in London and about the Fire of London and were very impressed by their character descriptions. We loved their London songs and their news reports on video. Well done to 6F and Miss Fini for a great first assembly and thank you to everyone who came to support.

The children in Year 3 have really impressed their teachers with some fantastic writing this week. They received some exciting information from an archaeologist about dinosaurs being spotted and they have worked hard to create an engaging newspaper report about what he said he saw. In addition to this, in Geography, the children have written a diary entry from the point of view of a child who discovered the first Stone Age cave painting hidden in a secret cave. They also began learning about Doggerland (an area which connected Great Britain to the rest of Europe). The children thought about what it would have felt like to be one of the people living around Doggerland during that time and how the events that took place resulted in Great Britain becoming and island.

This week, each class in Year 4 have attended a fantastic healthy eating workshop run by Warburtons in which they made their own healthy sandwiches and learnt about the importance of a balanced diet.  Throughout the week, children have also been completing contrasting setting descriptions about the journey Sunny the meerkat takes on his adventures through Africa.  In P.E., children have used the text ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ to explore different styles of dance and in Computing, they have made some fantastic Internet Safety posters which were inspired by what they learnt during their Internet Safety workshop earlier in the week.  During History lessons, the children in Year 4 wrote some fantastic, emotive diary entries, imagining what it would be like to be Nelson Mandela during his 27 year captivity.

It has been another action packed week in Year 5 which began with a fantastic interactive Science lesson. The children created a huge scale model of the solar system on the KS2 playground. They used different sized fruits to represent the planets and sheets of toilet roll to represent the massive distances between them.  In Maths lessons they became digit detectives to solve missing number problems and in English lessons, they wrote newspaper reports linked to our class book, The Jupiter Chronicles.

Planning a party for Her Majesty the Queen was a huge success in Year Six this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed the problem solving task and using the ‘Royal Vouchers’ to apply discounts to their items. The children have written fantastic descriptions in English, describing the ‘stranger’ from our key text, The London Eye Mystery. We’ve also had some interesting discussions surrounding the similarities and differences between Knaphill and London and the children have discussed their opinion on where they’d prefer to live and why.  The children are very much looking forward to the start of Bikeability next week!

On Tuesday the Eco and Healthy Council confidently delivered a very informative presentation about Recycling Week, which runs from 25th September to 1st October.  As well as explaining what recycling is, the council suggested ways in which all of us can do more to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at school and at home, and why we should try to do this.  To entertain their peers they played the “Reduce Reuse Recycle” song and video.

On Friday, children across the school took part in an interactive MFL storytelling workshop in which the stories of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the Three Little Pigs were retold in French.  Children developed their listening and speaking skills and were encouraged to take part in the reenactments of both stories.  By the end of the session,  children had learnt actions to accompany the new words they had learnt and are now excited to use what they have learnt in class next week.

Well done to 5A for winning the attendance cup this week and to all the children who were awarded the Star of the Week and Wonder Wall. 

Thank you to the PTA for organising our new class reps and to all the parents/guardians who have volunteered as we really value your feedback. Class reps also meet with the year leader every half term and the minutes from the meetings go on our ‘Parentzone’ page so we really value this time. We are still looking for a class rep for 3C (Eagles), 5L (Sea Lions), 5A (Whales), 6LW (Jaguars) and 6F (Tigers). We would really appreciate it if any parents can fulfil this role; please let the PTA or office know if you are interested.  

Thank you for all your support this September, we have been so impressed at how quickly the children have settled and with all the fantastic work that is already in their books. I will really miss being at Knaphill over the year and I will come in during my maternity leave to see all the children. I look forward to seeing how much they have achieved when I come back at the end of June next year. Miss Daly and Miss Baird are very excited to take up their new roles are very passionate about leading the school throughout the year! Miss Daly will continue my weekly updates until I return and we hope to see many of you at the parent meetings in October.