22 September 2017

It’s certainly been a fun week for the children with lots of different activities taking place across the school! We are also pleased to announce the launch of our new website which I hope you all agree looks fantastic! At the moment, the layout when viewing on a mobile phone, needs adjusting but we are working on this and we hope it will be ready in a few days.

Well done to all those children who were selected to be part of the Pupil Parliament, a class Reading Ambassador or a Digital Leader. Their photos can be found on the Pupil Parliament, English and Computing page. They will take on many responsibilities this year to help improve learning and the school environment across the year and they are all very excited about their new role!

The whole school enjoyed an exhausting yet excellent skipping workshop yesterday. Skip 2 B Fit is a high intensity fitness routine where people skip as quickly as possible for two minutes. Each skipping rope has a counter to record the number of skips completed and the children were encouraged to try and improve their score on each turn. The children loved the workshop, particularly the surprise appearance of Mr Skippy the kangaroo in the assembly, and many have expressed an interest in continuing with this exercise both at school and at home. Skip 2 B Fit skipping ropes are available for purchase at the office (£5 per skipping rope) and the school will now be carrying out a Skip 2 B Fit two minute challenge at the start of PE sessions.

Online safety workshops for the whole school and parents took place on Wednesday. They were a huge success and really reminded the children of how to stay safe online and the SMART rules! Thank you to Sharon for her engaging and informative workshops. We hope to upload the leaflet she gave out soon but I’m afraid we are not able to share her PowerPoint Presentation as they are her own private materials.

This week, the Year 3 children continued to write a setting description about a stormy scene from the book ‘The Pebble in my Pocket’. Their teachers were really impressed with how hard they worked on this. In History, they have also begun to write a short story about a Stone Age cave painting that has been discovered.

This week, each class in Year 4 have attended a fantastic healthy eating workshop run by Warburtons in which they made their own healthy sandwiches and learnt about the importance of a balanced diet. Throughout the week, children have also been completing contrasting setting descriptions about the journey Sunny the Meerkat takes on his adventures through Africa. In P.E., children have used the text ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ to explore different styles of dance and in Computing, they have made some fantastic Internet Safety posters which were inspired by what they learnt during their Internet Safety workshop earlier in the week. During History lessons, the children in Year 4 wrote some fantastic, emotive diary entries, imagining what it would be like to be Nelson Mandela during his 27 year captivity.

This week in year 5 has been very busy and exciting. They have started reading their class text, ‘The Jupiter Chronicles,’ and the children have been making predictions about the story after reading the blurb and looking at the front cover. They have been learning the names of buildings in the street in French lessons including how to spell them correctly. In Maths lessons, Year 5 have been cracking codes using Roman Numerals, while in Art they have been sketching space pictures using careful shading. In RE, they have used iPads to explore our galaxy; they have started to write tour guides for a journey through space.

Year 6 have begun reading their key text, ‘The London Eye Mystery’ in English this week. The children are gripped and they have been left wondering what happened to Salim after he boarded The London Eye. In indoor PE, the children have enjoyed creating ‘City Life’ dances – they have choreographed interesting routines surrounding a commute through the city of London.

Well done to 4J, 4C, 5G and 6F who all got 100% attendance this week and congratulations to all the children who were awarded Star of the week and the Wonder Wall.

This week’s Stars of the Week

Just a reminder to wait outside the gate when collecting your child as the playground gets very busy after school with children leaving so we would like to keep the inside gate area as free as possible. Thank you for your understanding on this.

We look forward to the first class assembly next Friday by 6F and we also have the Year 2 induction morning on Thursday at 9.30am.