8 September 2017

It’s been a lovely first week back and we have been overwhelmed at how quickly the children have settled and have been very impressed with their hard work this week into the new term. They have all delved straight into their new topics and have been creating some fantastic front covers for their topic books. Year 4 even had a flight to Africa this morning where they brought in their suitcase with three items they would take with them and checked these in before enjoying a video tour of Africa whilst on their flight.

The school is looking lovely and we have had two of our intervention rooms painted with new carpet which has brightened up both spaces and we hope to get two more redecorated over the term! We also have some new Astro Turf thanks to the kind contribution from the Year 6 parents/guardians and from the PTA and the children have loved playing on it this week!

Children will be getting an updated reading folder with their reading year group targets, a new genre checklist and suggested genre books to read and you can view the new suggested genre books on our English page or you can follow the link HERE. They will keep these folders at school so their teacher can check what books they are reading but they are able to bring them home if you would like to see them.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the parent curriculum evenings next week and we hope you have enjoyed reading the year group letters and curriculum leaflets.