15 September 2017

The children have had a great week starting off with a Pupil Parliament assembly on Monday where they children get to decide if they want to go for a council member. They are also able to put themselves forward to be a class Reading Ambassador or Digital Leader. The children have been busy putting forward to their class why they would suit a particular role. The names will be announced on Monday.

Thank you to all the parents/guardians that came to the curriculum evenings this week. If you were unable to attend, then all the PowerPoint presentations are on the class pages and all the topics covered for each subject are on the subject pages. There is also a whole school curriculum overview on our homepage. We hope you enjoyed looking at the new class themed book corners with some great new books to help inspire children with their reading. We are also getting some kindles in each class.

I’m pleased to announce that we have a new website launching that we have been busy putting together. All the information will be the same but the format will look better and it will be easy to navigate around. Miss Fini will work on a class blog page with her new digital leaders this year!

The Year 3 children have settled in really well into the Junior School. In English, the children have been looking at the book ‘The Pebble in my Pocket’. The children have looked at one of the settings in this book and have begun to write a stormy setting description. In topic, the children have created a timeline ordering the key events that took place during the Stone Age and created a map to show where humans settled over time.

This week in Year 4, the children have received a special delivery of meerkats in order to launch their new book, ‘Meerkat Mail.’ They have started to explore the exciting adventures of Sunny the meerkat and are currently setting descriptions about the different places he visits on his travels. In Science, children had great fun drawing and labelling a life-sized skeleton and are now investigating how to keep their bodies healthy through the diet they eat. In History, children have started to learn about the significance of Nelson Mandela and have also produced some superb pencil portrait sketches of him in Art. During P.E. lessons, children have been learning about the importance of warming up their bodies before exercise and have learnt some of the moves to the Cha Cha Slide!

Year 5 have had a very exciting week. It all started off with a fantastic lesson about the scientific theory called ‘The Big Bang.’ In Maths lessons, they have worked hard all week on practising times tables and arithmetic while also consolidating their learning of place value with some fun interactive games and lots of partner work. In Topic lessons they have been exploring the solar system using the iPads and in English they have been writing descriptive sentences about a journey through space.

The Year 6 children have embraced their new roles and responsibilities and they have thoroughly enjoyed spending some time with their Year Three buddies – their team treasure hunt being a particular favourite. The children have loved reading some chapters of ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ and writing about the mysterious skeleton man. Creating a series and parallel circuit in Science was a success and the children learnt about the conventional symbols used for the various components. The children have started to design their own London attractions and write a non-chronological report about them! They have created some imaginative Theme Parks and historical landmarks.

Well done to 3B for winning the attendance cup in Monday’s celebration assembly and to all the children who were awarded star of the week and Wonder wall!

Next week the children look forward to a skipping workshop and Year 4 have a healthy eating talk from Warburton’s!