14 July 2017

What a show stopping week with the Year 6 Summer Production of ‘Superstan’ on Monday! The children impressed us all with their fantastic acting, singing, dancing, sound effects, props and lighting effects and it was great to see how confident they all were-they were real stars! The children entertained us with so many funny scenes and have all dedicated so much of their own time to the performance! We are so proud of all of them. We are also so grateful to our Year 6 staff for all their hard work making the production such a success and to all the families that came to watch and who have helped provide costumes and help the children learn their lines at home. We can’t wait for the DVD to come out!

It was lovely to see so many parents/guardians at the open evening on Wednesday and the children’s books all look wonderful and packed with lots of impressive work. It was a lovely way to celebrate all they have done. Thank you to all the lovely report comment feedback sheets we have had which really mean so much to all the staff and children and they have been wonderful to read.

The children enjoyed their Enrichment afternoon on Tuesday where they got to work with a different teacher and different children from across the school. Children took part in a range of activities across the school including making lava lamps, creating textured landscapes, gardening in the school eco-garden and even being members of a Knaphill rock band.  They also enjoyed the Globe theatre yesterday and the actors said how beautifully behaved they all were!

The year 3 children have been enjoying class based Maths recently where they have produced a survey to find out about how people commute in Knaphill. The project started with them collecting data on traffic from the large playground. They then went onto analysing this information after plotting it onto several graphs. Some of the children had some excellent ideas as to how they could encourage more people to walk during certain times of the day.
In topic this week the children have been completing their end of topic evaluations ready for them to be taken home. They identified work they were particularly proud of and then looked at possible future improvements. Looking back, many have been amazed by the amount they have written throughout the term. They are now keen to take them home and for parents to complete the comment box before bringing them back on Monday.

This week, Year 4 have enjoyed exploring instructional writing and have written their own comprehensive instructions about how to capture, tame and train a dragon. They have also produced some beautiful illustrations and diagrams to go alongside this and have also taken part in a drama activity, reenacting the instructions which they have written. Later in the week, as a special end of term treat, the children enjoyed watching the film, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and were able to explore the similarities between the instructions they had written themselves and the ones the trainer gives his own dragon in the film.

This week in Year 5 has been another great week! The children have learned all about Athens and Sparta, comparing their lives and thinking about what type of civilisation they would have liked to be a part of in Ancient Greek times. Whilst the play leaders completed their final training, the rest of the year group finished their Top Trump cards about mythical creatures and then painted water colour pictures of Greek ships. As well as all of this, they have been looking at performance poetry and have started to compose their own poems ready to perform.

Year 6 have really enjoyed taking part in this year’s summer production with two performances to parents on Monday. Was it a bird? Was it a plane? No it was 81 year 6 students putting on a spectacular show – The Amazing Adventures of Superstan. The children have also thoroughly enjoyed creating pages for their Year Books later in the week. These will be a lovely souvenir for them to keep when they move on to secondary school.

Well done to all the children that were awarded Star of the week and to 6F who won the attendance cup!

Next week we have the art exhibition 2.30-5pm for Year 3 and 4 on Tuesday and Wednesday for Year 5 and 6 where parents/guardians will be able to buy a piece of framed artwork created by their child. All money raised will go towards art resources for the school. We also have the Year 6 BBQ on Monday and leaver’s assembly next Thursday at 10.30am which the Year 6 parents are welcome to attend.