7 July 2017

This week has certainly been action packed and the children and staff have loved every minute! It was so lovely to see all the Year 2 children on transition day and to see all the children enjoying their new classes. The Year 5 children did a great job showing their new buddy and their parents around the school. We will be sending out a letter about the Autumn term 2017 shortly.
We also had our Year 6 SAT’s results which we were very pleased about and I will announce our results in the end of term newsletter. We are so proud of Year 6 for all their hard work and a huge thank you to the Year 6 staff. Year 6 also had their first Summer production dress rehearsal yesterday which Year 2 and the rest of the school thoroughly enjoyed! We are looking forward to the big performance on Monday afternoon and Monday evening! We also had the Year 5 swimming Gala Thursday morning and it was great to see all the children trying so hard with their swimming.  They showed fantastic sportsmanship and really supported each other – it was really love to see. Well done Year 5! Well done to Trinity House for winning! It was a lovely way to finish the week with the Big Lunch today along with the Lower School on the field, it was great to see so many families join us! We look forward to the Summer Fair this afternoon which the PTA have worked so hard to organise!
The Year 3 children have had brilliant fun this week looking at persuasive brochures. they have been identifying features of this type of writing and at the end of the week they are going to create their own persuasive brochures to convince people to visit Woking. In topic this week the children have been learning the French names of places that can be found in the local area. They created some beautifully presented work for their topic books. They have also been looking at Woking train station and the reason for it looking like it was built the wrong way round!
This week Year 4 have enjoyed writing verse poetry about a dragon, linked to our Summer Term book, ‘How to Train your Dragon’ and have also created some beautiful drawings to illustrate them. In Science, children have carried out an experiment to explore how we can change the pitch of different instruments and they also learnt how different instruments could be classified into strings, percussion, woodwind and brass. Towards the end of the week, they played an inter-house rounders tournament and continued to improve their recorder skills by learning how to play notes A and B. 
This week the children in Year 5 have continued to work exceptionally well! Not only have they written incredible non-chronological reports about their mythical creatures in English, but they have also stepped into Greek homes. The children were fascinated by how cheap they are in comparison to now and also loved learning about how different people are allowed or not allowed in different parts of the home. Continuing with our topic ‘Animals including Humans’ the children created line graphs to investigate the average lengths of babies and how these change during the first nine months of life. For their work on being stranded on a desert island, the children have written diaries about two contrasting days on the island (one where they followed the rules and done where they didn’t) and they really enjoyed considering what could possibly happen. The children were also able to taste some fantastic Greek delicacies this week and it was great to see so many of them trying something new! I was also delighted when Hannah from 5B brought me her topic homework to show me and I was so impressed at the flag she made and the booklet she produced! Well done Hannah!
What an amazing week Year 6 have had! It all started with visits to secondary schools on Tuesday and Wednesday. Those who stayed behind enjoyed participating in exciting Art and Games activities and being tour guides for prospective parents and children from Year 2 on transition morning. The children have also started writing letters based on Jurassic Park which they are really enjoying! They also took part in an Engage workshop to help them with their transition to secondary school.
Well done to all the children who were awarded Star of the Week and to 4R for winning the attendance cup!
Next week, the children have their enrichment afternoon where they get to work with another teacher focusing on a particular subject and carrying out some creative activities. They also get to watch a Globe Theatre production Thursday afternoon and we have our parent curriculum afternoon 3.30-6.30pm on Wednesday.