30 June 2017

3W’s Class Assembly today was absolutely fantastic and the children were all so confident! It was packed full of facts that they have learned about how Knaphill has changed over time and interesting information about Mexico, relating to their topic on ‘Home and Away’. Not only did they share some incredible persuasive letters to our local MP to not build an Asda on the Vyne car park, but the children also read out some descriptive diary entries about a day in Mexico. To top it all off, their rendition of ‘Spice up your life’, which also included a dance, and their Mexican tap dance kept the audience thoroughly entertained. Well done 3W and Miss Wisdom for all your hard work and for everyone who came to watch!

The Year 3 children have had fun this week as they continue to write an extended piece of writing about a character from the book ‘Tin Forest’. In their diary entries, they have included a range of contrasting conjunctions to explore differences between the mans dreams and his normal everyday life. Some have included some brilliant adjectives to describe the forest that has appeared in his dreams and have relished the chance to describe some of the exotic animals in that setting also.

During Eid afternoon, the children created some beautiful Sadaqah jars which were decorated with many different piece of coloured tissue paper. They have enjoyed learning about the celebration and hearing first hand from some children who had attended these celebrations at the end of Ramadan.

This week, Year 4 have enjoyed making Fanoos lanterns in R.E. whilst exploring the significance of Eid al-Fitr in the Islamic calendar. In Science, children have explored how sound travels in waves and have also investigated how distance away from different sound sources can affect how clearly we can hear different sounds. At the end of the week, the children have started to write a word bank about a dragon using film clips and images to help them generate exciting vocabulary and have enjoyed sharing what they have written so far with the peers. As part of Friendship week, children across Year 4 have written poems, celebrating the qualities of their friends and have also spent time improving their recorder skills

Year 5 have had another busy week! The children have been designing their own mythical creatures and are ready to write non-chronological reports about them in English, which they are very looking forward to. Whilst some of the Year 5 children began their Play Leader training, the rest of them created top trump cards about Ancient Greek mythical creatures and are very excited to start using them to play games. The children have also continued to learn about the Ancient Olympic Games and they have explored what life was like for a woman in Ancient Greek times. They have definitely enjoyed learning about the difference in rules for both men and women. The children have also be learning to dive in their swimming lessons this week and been preparing for the Swimming Gala next week.

Year 6 have enjoyed a really exciting week, the highlight of which was our Ancient Egyptian dress up day. These included measuring using Royal Cubits, handling artifacts, answering a quiz about Ancient Egyptian life and taking part in a role play. There were some fantastic costumes and some amazing acting. Everyone was really involved in all aspects of the day and learnt a great deal from our inspiring visitors Steve and Sally.

The Friendship and Safety Council presented to the school on Tuesday in an assembly to explain what they have been up to this term! The Friendship Council introduced friendship week and have been out on the playground at breaks and lunchtimes handing out certificates for great friends! They have also set up a friendship poem competition and will be judging them next week! The Safety Council have been busy making PowerPoints, poems and scratch games to show how to stay safe when walking to school. Well done to all of them!

It has been a very busy weeks for sports. Monday morning started off at Winston with some of out G&T children at an indoor Athletics competition. they were scored on their running, throwing and jumping abilities and showed fantastic enthusiasm to them all! We finished with a win again the other schools! Monday afternoon was the District Sports field events of running, throwing and tug of war. The children did a fantastic job and all did the school proud! A massive well done to Anna in Year 5 and Elise in Year 3 for getting first in throwing! This put us in great stead for the running event as we were 4th place out of 25 schools!

After much anticipation, Thursdays track events exceeded expectations as our children excelled against the competition! They all showed fantastic support towards one another and tried their hardest in every race! A massive well done to Elise in Year 3 for coming first in her year group, to Hayden in Year 6 for coming second in this year group and Dylan in Year 4 for coming third in his year group! An absolutely amazing effort from them all and we finished in 3rd overall. What an achievement and we are so proud! Congratulations Knaphill and thank you to Miss Williams for organising the children to go!

Well done to 4R for winning the attendance cup in Monday’s celebration assembly and to all the children who were awarded Star of the Week!

Next week, we are very much looking forward to transition day on Wednesday when we get to meet our new Year 3 children and all the children get to meet their new class teacher. We will send a letter on Monday to let everyone know what class teacher they will have and what their new class name will be. the Year 6 children also have their secondary school transition day which they are very excited about! Next Thursday, we also have the Year 6 dress rehearsal of their summer production to all the children in Year 3, 4 and 5 and the Year 5 Swimming Gala next Thursday morning. The Big Lunch is on the field next Friday lunchtime followed by the Summer Fair after school at KLS! What an exciting, busy week ahead!