23 June 2017

A fantastic class assembly by 4R this morning, all about their topic Anglo Saxons and Vikings! It was action packed with story descriptions about Beowulf along with some great acting and impressive character descriptions and non chronological reports! They all entertained us with their catchy and upbeat songs! Well done 4R and Miss Ring for all your hard work and thank you to everyone who came to watch!

The Year 3 children have had fun this week writing a diary entry from the point of view of a character in the book ‘The Tin Forest’. They begun by reading up to the point where the man had a vivid dream about a real forest. In their diary plan they outlined key events from that day after waking up from this fantastic dream. In topic this week the children have been looking at the significance of a train line and station being built in Woking.

On Tuesday, Year 4 had a great day and really enjoyed taking part in an Anglo-Saxon artefacts, took part in a quiz and played a traditional Anglo-Saxon board game. In the afternoon, the children explored Anglo-Saxon weaponry, re-enacted a battle and listened to the retelling of the famous story of ‘Beowulf’. Throughout the rest of the week the children enjoyed taking part in ‘Feel Good’ activities and inter-house competitions including creating collages, sports quizzes and exploring what different rooms they would have inside an ’emotion mansion’.

In Year 5 children learnt about both the modern and ancient Olympic Games before taking part in their own! They also enjoyed some ‘Feel Good’ activities, where they competed in water relays, played blanket volleyball and joined in with parachute games. In Literacy, they have become champions of their favourite sports and written about the moment where they competed in the final – the children have been fully inspired and they have been a pleasure to read. The children enjoyed getting to practise their breast stroke in the pool and enjoyed cooling off from the heat!

Year 6 really enjoyed their Race for Life run on Thursday. This was a test of sheer endurance and they measured up to the challenge admirably. As the Apprentice Challenge approached, they were very busy completing their budgets and drawing up their final lists of items and ingredients with which to make their products. They decorated their stalls beautifully in the bid to win the competition and came up with some truly inspiring ideas to gain maximum sales. Well done to all of Year 6 for working so hard!

This week, the children have had a lot of fun celebrating Sports Week and Feeling Good Week. Sports Week is a huge celebration of everything that is great about PE in schools whilst Feeling Good Week’s aim is to encourage the children to feel positive and good about themselves. For Feeling Good Week the teachers across the school ran different activities for the children to participate in. For example, blanket volleyball, water relays, parachute team work games and Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) HITT training workouts. The Body coach also explained his view on exercising and keeping fit and how physical activity can make you feel more positive, energised, happy & healthy. Some of the children also got the chance to spend some time reflecting, relaxing and meditating as well as thinking about some of the causes for making them feel happy, excited and even sad, reflecting and discussing how they can change some of these negative feelings in to more positive feelings.

Sports week has been jammed packed with activities this week! Starting it all off on Monday morning with Sports day, the children showed their running skills and all tried their hardest. Thank you to everyone who was able to come to support the children; it was great to see such a big turnout. Well done to Trinity House for winning the overall cup! The rest of this week has been just as busy. Each year group held a mini tournament on the field – this ranged from rounders to a mini Olympics! Literacy lessons have been writing sports commentaries, recounts of the 1996 Euro semi finals and newspaper reports. In maths, lessons were taken outside in Year 4 to record down all of their standing jump distances to create a bar graph. To finish off the week, the children completed their ‘Race for Life’ which involved running around the track, working through the obstacles that were scattered around them.

We were very pleased to read this week that Mrs Magill was awarded CBE and her name is on the Queen’s Birthday Honours list which recognises 130 people who have made outstanding contributions to education. We were very lucky to have had Ms Magill’s support at Knaphill between 2014-2016 and she made a huge difference to our school!

Well done to 5A for winning the attendance cup in Monday’s celebration assembly and for all those children awarded Star of the week!

Next week, Year 6 have their Egyptian dress up day to look forward too and we have MUFTI day and 3W’s class assembly next Friday! Just a reminder that it will be the last week of teacher led clubs next week.